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  • The House of Grey: Volume 1 on March 21, 2012
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    I truly feel that this book is one the more riveting reads.I have not heard the audio version and hence have no idea how good that was. This is a book that is pretty crisp and stays true the the leads . There is enough depth to flesh out the characters. There are some loose ends in the book . Am not sure is it because the ends get tied up as the story progress or if the author has just left them that way as there was no logical progression. In Monson grey we have a very interesting lead . however maybe the lead seems to sketched out much maturely to be 14teen. A age closer to late tweens would have been more appropriate. how ever that is just my view. An Interesting read and am reading it again just to catch all the nuances I missed. And Did i just say I like 'Casey' the most! To the author... Would love to lay hands on all the other volumes and the audio version.
  • Katie's Hellion (Rhyn Trilogy, Book One) on April 02, 2012

    I read this book multiple times. And each time I am able to find hidden layers in most of the main characters. Rhyn, Gabriel, Sasha, Andre, Kiki and the all too Human Katie. ook 2 now. But will definitely buy it when I can. Cant afford B
  • The Last Praetorian on Feb. 05, 2013

    Pretty decent book . The lead characters of Sofia and Jon are very well fleshed out. All the rest are sketchy. The last battle scene was well written. This is not a kind of book that grips you from the start but slowly draws you in. On the downside .. many typos and grammar issues. Also the story seems to meander sometimes. Nothing a good editor cant fix. All in all a good read.. and when it is free.. all you si-fi fans there download and read.