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Katie Leone is a Mainstream author who writes novels that contain transsexual characters who sometimes deal with transgender issues. She does not shy away from the psychological turmoil that Gender Identity Disorder causes, nor does she avoid social issues such as acceptance, bullying, and bigotry that transsexuals endure. In a genre (Transgender fiction) that is flooded with unrealistic sexual escapades, Ms. Leone attempts to break free from that mode by producing hard-hitting, thought-evoking, emotional dramas that allow realistic characters to interact in realistic worlds.

A major theme of acceptance, either from self, society, or God, runs through most of her works. Though sometimes heart-wrenching and jaw dropping, in the end you will learn about a community that has been conspicuously left out of mainstream fiction unless used as shock value, a pun of jokes, or downright ridicule.

"I really enjoy your efforts, which are always so thought provoking and demanding of personal introspection in terms of values and beliefs. With your fine writing you are making a powerful contribution to the cause of eliminating the scourge of transphobia, homophobia and bullying, areas that oppress others and keep us from experiencing who we really are." - Samuel Rafael, Bending the bookshelf

Katie Leone was born and raised in New York City. At 15 she attended high school in Dunedin, Florida where she was heavily involved with the church youth group and wrestling team.

She is a Graduate of Cumberland (Tn.) University with a degree in early childhood growth and learning. Currently residing in Tampa, Ms. Leone has worked as a teacher, a minister, a life coach and was on the Board of directors of a local charity. Currently she has dedicated herself to teaching through her writing and is currently forming her own ministry to educate the church about transsexual needs.

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