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  • Enchant (Rae Wilder #3) on Nov. 09, 2011
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    I have the nook on my phone...anyone know how to sideload a book i just dled on here to there?
  • The Light Of The World on Nov. 04, 2012

    5 out of 5 stars First off I will forever be a TB fan! Her books get better with everyone I read! I'd have to say this is now my favorite of hers, once I got to reading my eyes could not read fast enough! I absolutely love the supernatural world she created in this book, with the vampire, Van Helsings and Nixies (which are my fave, they are like mermaid witches!) just to name few! The Light of The World is about a girl named Rayne who finds out she's something special to the world and ends up running and fighting for her life. You get to follow her along this big coaster ride and meet a bunch of amazing characters along the way! I couldn't get enough of them honestly I loved them! There is Mona her super sweet and caring roommate who is there for Rayne through everything (but I think she's up to something!), her crazy hippie of a mother Willow who is a witch, and hair brained hilarious friend Michelle and let's not forget one (yes you read that right ONE of TWO hotties!) of the guys who fall for Rayne, Wyatt he sounds sizzling hot and yummy but you honestly don't know to love him or hate him! I promise you won't regret this purchase, the story line will captivate you, suck you in roll you around and spit you out at the end begging for more! Thanks for another smashing read girl awaiting book two!!!! Here are my two fave lines!! "No, just curious. You know like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and shit" "Constantine gets points for effort and creativity. I think I peed my pants. That scared the shit out of me"