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Smashwords book reviews by ktwonder

  • Totally Buzzed on Dec. 22, 2011

    Totally Buzzed is a quick enjoyable read and I will definitely read the next book in the Miller sister mystery series. The actual mystery in this book was entertaining and thought provoking. And the reason why I enjoyed the book. I think the author has a talent for storytelling and could develop into one of the authors I keep on my “definitely read” list. The book is not quite a cozy mystery. Most elements of the book fit my definition of cozy mystery however some language and a “sex sells” scene force it out of that category. Fortunately, these elements did not prevent me from enjoying the book. And you skip over these elements without affecting your enjoyment of the story. The humor of the book is of a slapstick type. People falling over each other, food flying and dogs passing gas. I felt there were too many of these scenes for my taste. I hope in the next installment the author will go for a more sophisticated humor and have the characters grow up and quit using the adolescent nicknames, ie. Calling Maggie – Maggot. These images just didn't seem to fit with the 50 something main character. I recommend this book if you are looking for a fun, easy read.