Smashwords book reviews by kururu209

  • I Accidentally Turned My Mother Into A Sex Robot 5 (Epilogue) on July 26, 2022

    It's a fantastic read, I thoroughly enjoyed this series from beginning to end. There's just something about Bimbo Blackwood's style of writing that keeps me striving for more as I read on!
  • I Accidentally Turned My Mother Into A Sex Robot - The Complete Series on Aug. 02, 2022

    5/5 from me! An excellent set of books by Bimbo Blackwood. I love how BB was able to maintain a tight grip on me from start to finish. It's a great story filled with hooks that will keep drawing you in chapter after chapter. And the best part about BB's writing is how detailed everything is written. And, I absolutely love that. Seeing the progress with the MC's mother and cousin was a thrill.
  • Uncle's Hypnosis Ring - The Complete Series on Aug. 22, 2022

    This series is one of the best ones I have read, yet. Usually, I steer clear of books with female main characters, but this series kept me on edge. The vivid writing left me wanting more page after page; it was such a hot, spicy read. I particularly appreciated how B.B. took the time to establish the scene and mood before moving on to the corruption of the uncle's niece in subtle ways. I'm going to say it now, this is corruption & mind control at it's finest!
  • Turning My Innocent Neighbor Into A Cumslut - The Complete Series on Sep. 01, 2022

    A steady build-up to many steamy scenes between Charlie and his neighbor, Sydney, which leads to several hot exchanges. In this series, Bimbo Blackwood places a lot of emphasis on character development and growth. We are introduced to Sydney as an innocent moralist before her subsequent downfall as the main character's personal cum-slut. What we get as a result of this development are intricately drawn, detailed strip-teases, submission, and domination. 5/5
  • Mind Controlled By My Teacher - The Complete Series on May 18, 2023

    Oh my. Where to start. "Mind Controlled By My Teacher" was an exceptionally good read. There aren't a lot of gripping erotica's that make you want to go from word-to-word, page-to-page as much as Bimbo Blackwood's work. The teacher character comes to life through a series of enthralling, humiliating, and hot actions. I personally find that cuckqueaning is a genre that isn't widely explored in erotica's, so this was the cherry on top. Mix that with the teacher's aspect of control, and you have one really hot read. 'Mind Control' is my favorite genre, and with BB's fantastic imagery; you too, will be biting your lip throughout the whole series.
  • Hypno Submission Training - The Complete Series on May 22, 2023

    A decently-paced, steady, and consistent hypnosis erotica. Sadie is introduced as a timid girl, she's afraid of trying new things that doesn't fit the norm and that's the factor which makes this story so hot. Bimbo Blackwood brings another amazingly, fantastic imagery to this series through a powerful, first-person perspective. Even if you have never read a first-person perspective as a female main character, you would be surprised. The series kept me engaged from beginning to end. The themes of submission, hypnosis, degradation, and change are so prevalent here; it's a wild ride for sure!