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Born and raised in western Canada, K.V. Wilson has always been influenced by the natural world and by all sorts of fantasy and sci-fi works. Some of her influences are authors J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, and Kevin Hearne. She currently lives in British Columbia, utilizing her spare time to play piano, hike, paint, and write songs and stories.

Books by K.V. Wilson:

The Spirits’ War Trilogy:
~ Spiritborne
~ Guardian
~ Incarnate

~ The Contraption (a short story included in the One Million Project Fantasy Anthology)

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Spiritborne, book one of the Spirits' War Trilogy
Promotional video for Spiritborne, book 1 of the Spirits' War Trilogy by K.V. Wilson.

Guardian, book two of the Spirits' War Trilogy
Promotional video for Guardian, book two of the Spirits' War Trilogy by K.V. Wilson.


The Spirits' War Trilogy
This series chronicles the adventures of three ancient Earth spirits who fathered the Lycan, Yeva'si and Ddraig races, and inadvertently caused the age-old rift between shapeshifters and humans. The series leads into a deeper conflict rooted in hatred and ignorance. There are multitudes of Earth spirits, arranged in groups of threes around the globe. Each was brought about by the Great Spirit, Pachacamac. The spirits and their mortal allies - human and shapeshifter alike - must join forces to bring down those that would see them eradicated. But betrayal may come from within...


Guardian (Book Two of the Spirits' War Trilogy)
Series: The Spirits' War Trilogy. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 113,710. Language: Canadian English. Published: June 2, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
You mess with one of the Three, you mess with them all. When the Lìog Airgid's worst enemy, Patercius, resurfaces to join forces with the Covenant, the Three must rely on fleeting memories from past lives to take down their enemies new and old.
Spiritborne (Book One of the Spirits' War Trilogy)
Series: The Spirits' War Trilogy. Price: $1.80 USD. Words: 112,250. Language: Canadian English. Published: March 14, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
The Lìog Airgid - a legion of shapeshifters - and the Earth's Covenant - an organization of humans that has hunted them for centuries - are engrossed in an endless struggle. As time grows short and hope becomes sparse, young Lycan Skye Matthews must learn the truth. For only the Spiritborne have the means to end the war and restore balance between all races.

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Smashwords book reviews by K.V. Wilson

  • Fate's Exchange (Twisted Fate Book 1) on June 25, 2018

    Fate's exchange gives us a glimpse of heaven. The angelic Brothers and Sisters of Fate see something in Alyssa that she doesn't see in herself. The author has woven a complex web of revelations and bittersweet moments. Readers experience different points of view throughout the story, yet despite this, enough information is withheld to keep us guessing as to what heaven really has in store for young Alyssa. A very well thought-out story. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
  • The Lore of Lauder - Book One - Discovering the Lies on Jan. 27, 2019

    This has got to be in my top three favourite vampire books. The author has woven an intricate web of characters young and old, all of whom have some connection to Paul Lauder whether they want to or not. Paul himself is an old Scottish vampire–wise to the ways of the world and yet vulnerable in some ways. He sees himself as a monster—a creature of the night who must prey upon humans to satisfy ‘the beasts’. Despite only picking off the worst of humanity, Paul feels a tremendous weight on his shoulders for being a creature he never chose to become. He believes in God yet thinks there is no salvation for him. The subject of religion was a strong one in this book, and what I loved about it was the ethics behind what Paul does and how one can be an inherently good person without fitting into the narrow definitions of ‘good’ or ‘evil’. Thomas is another favourite character of mine. This book made me laugh and cry in the best possible ways.