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  • The Moon Child's Wish on Nov. 07, 2011

    Great book by Candy Nicks. I really enjoyed reading this. The author has a well written book will fully developed characters. I am not a writer so if I write any other type of review I will make the book sound like it is not worth reading. Great book Candy. I really enjoyed it. I will be purchasing the additional books from this author in the future.
  • Song of the Highlands: The Cambels (The Medieval Highlanders) on July 21, 2014

    From the beginning the plot and characters grabbed my attention. The research that went into writing this book is amazing. When an author takes the time to search and use the actually words during the era that shows they are more concerned with the writing than just publishing anything. I knew before starting this book was erotic, it this reader it borders on the old school bodice rippers. Starting out readers see that Morgana has an infatuation with Robert. She would give almost anything for him to notice her. Growing up in the Abby did not allow her to have a lot of contact with men. Since Morgana does not talk and little dowry she believes she is unworthy of most men. ----- If only he could like one such as me. But, `twould ne'er be, she knew. For, she was quite certain that not he, nor any knight in fact, would e'er willingly take a lady like she with no power of speech, whom the priests were sure the devil himself had taken hold of, and who had little to offer for dowry, either--perhaps the biggest impediment of all. Readers are introduced to Vika early. She has some jealousy to her cousin. The author does not elaborate why but the jealousy is shown by thoughts. I really wonder why she wanted her cousin out of the way. If she is as beautiful as stated why worry about the one man that refuses to give in to her. Why does she not move on to someone else. ----- This would get her cousin out of the way for a bit as well. Thus aiding her cause with the man she, herself, had set her eye upon, Guy de Burgh. Unfortunately, that man, thus far, could not be swayed. And had, these past days, been spending a bit too much time in Morgana's company for Vika's liking. When Robert kidnaps Morgana I really wonder how many women faced this. A time when women had little choice in who they married, no rights and where to blame when they were raped. Morgana just wanted to have some fun. I do not understand why she never questioned anything her cousin stated. But then I think back, she cannot speak and few women of this time could read or write. ----- She felt the blunt tip pressing into the center of her. She barely had time to get accustomed to the odd feeling before she was ripped asunder by his rough, rapid entry. She jerked and tried to pull herself back, but he had hold of her hips and rammed into her again. This cannot be the right way. Scalding tears burned her cheeks. Surely, I will die from this. The author weaves historical fiction with mystery. A tale that will keep romance readers coming back begging (yes, pun intended) for more. This book deserves so much more than what I have wrote but I honestly cannot keep writing a fully review without giving away spoilers. I recommend this book for any who enjoy medieval romance. Thanks for an amazing read K.E. The bunnies and I give this book 5 carrots.