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  • Pirates of Savannah: The Complete Trilogy (Adult Version) - Historical Fiction Action Adventure on July 03, 2011

    History and Freedom and Pirates Pirates of Savannah was one of those "read it all in a single day" books for me. It's got action, good characters, hot sex, pirates, and a message of simple, personal freedom. The descriptions of 18th century life and technology make it worth the read almost by themselves. One can see the American Revolution looming over the horizon, but not imminent enough to be part of the story line in itself, just close enough to add a little color. We see traditional and historic outcasts, ne'er do wells, and hostile natives in a different light. That light might be a little too bright in a few cases, whitewashing some blemishes, but for the most part it makes them human and decent without turning them into caricatures. Their goals are our goals, to live our lives our own way, trade fairly and honestly, and to be left alone by the predators in uniforms of all colors of the rainbow. The enemies are human as well, both those truly and irredeemably evil and those who are merely weak in character, avaricious, and base. The sex, violence, and grubby filth of the era border on graphic, but none of it comes off crass or gratuitious. It all feels realistic and vivid. It moves the plot along at a lively pace, as does just about every scene. I had trouble putting it down, even after I was finished. Even the appendix documenting what places, events, and characters were truly historic and those that were literary props was fascinating to a history buff like me.