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Raised in a fifth-generation, Montana ranch family in the isolated Missouri Breaks, Kyle Morrow uses the idiomatic language of rural Montana to create her fast-paced Montana romances. After getting her MA in Creative Writing from Aberystwyth University, she wrote Belt Buckle Bunny. The author often creates fictitious Native American characters using her teaching experience— she taught Inupiat, Siberian Yupik, & Yup'ik Eskimo Students in Alaska, and students of Assiniboine and Gros Ventre descent on the Fort Belknap Reservation.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you get your idea to write a Montana romance with a rodeo erotica subplot?
Fifty Shades of Grey inspired me to write a story about a young cowgirl, one who writes rodeo erotica. The cowgirl Shiv, explains our chosen genre:
Stoop’s girlfriend Sally Pritchard said, ‘Shiv, how did you come up with the original idea? I mean, to write rodeo erotica?’
‘I wanted something shocking. And an idea that got people talking.’
‘Cowboys are chic magnets.’ Sally grinned. ‘Just look at mine.’
Stoop said, ‘But cowboys and cowgirls romping? Who would have thought it?’
‘Shiv did,’ said Bryn.
‘What was the idea that got you started?’ asked Sally. ‘Do you remember?’
‘I do. I’ve always liked the term belt-buckle-bunnies and I started with that.’
‘And then what?’ she said.
‘After I came up with the title, other ideas popped into my head like giving her the pen name C. Pussy Buck.’
Stoop said, ‘I think your pen name is great fun.’
‘How did you come up with it?’
‘Stoop, I’m an avid reader of Pearl S. Buck. Her last name Buck has rodeo associations, the P brought to my mind pussy, and since she uses an initial, I did too.’
Tell us an interesting fact you used in Belt Buckle Bunny?
Over the years, I have broke four horses to ride and have learned that when a horse licks its lips, the animal is accepting a new lesson. I use this fact when one of the cowgirls unwittingly licks her lips before she accepts her first male lover:
Star felt a soft rope go around each ankle as she lay back on the backless, revolving blue-suede couch. She tensed when she felt a hairy-leg swing astride her hips, felt the body bend, teeth take the scarf and slip it off her eyes.
Alarmed, her black-browns grew huge until she looked into Sin’s sleepy blues and saw the small bullrider from Arkansas’s gentle understanding.
‘Miss Baby Star,’ he drawled in a voice dripping honey. ‘Ya’all say stop and this cowboy will set his spurs and get off. Ya’all hear?’
Star nodded. Her wet tongue flicked and licked her red lips wet and like any cowboy knows, when an animal licks its lips, they have consented. Sin also knew she might not realize she had consented, and thus he intended to make her part of the willing ride.
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Why I Drink Beer
Published on Mar 23, 2016 Growing up on an isolated ranch in the Missouri River Breaks of Montana, Kyle Morrow would ride my horse, daydream, get lost in books and began writing. Writing has remained a passion, my goal to be the Montana author people want to read. Give them a fantastic escape into to the western way of life, how we talk, interact, what we do for fun, what we find funny, and write books to tell our story. Drink a beer and promote me and my stories.


Two Crow Omen
Price: $3.99 USD. (Free until Dec. 15!) Words: 74,000. Language: English. Published: April 19, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western, Fiction » Adventure » Action
Looking back, I blame Fate, that devious bitch; she never gives anyone a heads up, her ways mysterious. It was a Wednesday afternoon when I walked into Violet Two Bear Paw’s room, never dreaming I’d be stepping into the middle of a tribal war. Violet had Blackfoot heritage and wouldn’t you think all Indian tribes stuck together? shoulda, woulda... and so the Monatana western romance begins
Black Iron Brandy
Price: $2.99 USD. (Free until Dec. 14!) Words: 93,300. Language: English. Published: May 5, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western
(5.00 from 1 review)
Fuckface spun a three-sixty, reining-horse spin, so fast and furious, I followed Alice through the looking glass and fell shattered— the black hole a never-ending spiral until rock-bottom slammed me into a zillion shards. I fell into a place impossible to put the cutting back or glue the hurt together. Fate hands Caitryn the opportunity for justice for her millionaire, pedophile husband.
Belt Buckle Bunny
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 70,160. Language: American English. Published: February 8, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
Shiv Sheehan writes rodeo erotica under the pseudonym C. Pussy Buck. As writer of fiction, she couldn’t imagine herself enjoying a love triangle, being involved in the haps over a dead body, nor crawling. How she does the cowgirl crawl— she wears her white cowboy hat. Her intention? to be the good girl. She crawls to the shithead reading her bestseller Bullriders EAT Belt-Buckle Bunnies.

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