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Ky Clark is a retired grandmother (from work - not from being a grandmother :-) She is a California local, born and bred. Ky Clark spends her days and nights leisurely enjoying all types of romantic erotica. She considers it "research" for the steamy novel she hopes to one day write herself.

Ky appreciates the many diverse erotic, romance categories currently available via ebooks and looks forward to reading and reviewing as many as possible.

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  • First Taste of Bacardi on Feb. 01, 2013

    First Taste of Bacardi wasn’t really what I expected, but in a good way. I knew it was going to be about two chicks gettin’ it on, but damn! Who knew it would be so HOT!!! I kinda thought it would be on the lovey dovey side when it came to actually doing the do, but NOT! It actually read like some of the hardcore sex books I used to sneak and read as a teen, except it has a plot that starting to build. From what I could tell so far, the plot is definitely getting deeper, especially with this Gino character. I know some of my friends who read this kinda stuff will want to hear more about him, but I’m cool reading about those bad girls, Anna, China, and of course, Bacardi! I plan to get the rest of the series and see what’s really goin’ on now. I'm notice they have all four books for four bucks. Cool!
  • A Failed Date on Feb. 19, 2013

    Enjoyable little story with a nice surprise for the reader, even those of us who figure it out in advance. Tasteful love scene although I generally go in for a lot steamier.
  • Selling Myself on Feb. 20, 2013

    Extremely entertaining, almost in an informative way. Definitely believable as confessions from a very BUSY prostitute. Lots of non-stop sex for those who like it that way. Forget about trying to catch your breath between acts on this one! Written in a candidate and descriptive voice. I'm anxious to check out some other title by this author, maybe something spanking-free.
  • Tim Does Tina the Temp on Feb. 20, 2013

    In all my years of temping - I never found an employer like Tim! I love Charden Wood sex scenes! They're all so HOT & JUICY! This one is no different.
  • The Cougar in 26B on Feb. 20, 2013

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story and found the characters to be very likeable, though quite talkative (There's a lot of dialogue between them, something you don't see with a lot of authors) but it made the sex scenes more vivid.
  • Falling for Adonis on Feb. 21, 2013

    Great story! I love the romance and it turned out to be a total surprise to those of us who are used to Charden Wood's usual style of hot and nasty erotica. The sex scenes and references are still all good, but the affection and romance between Staci and Rodney was a big plus. This ebook is my newest Charden Wood favorite!
  • An awesome ride on Feb. 21, 2013

    I read several of this author's books and mixed up one of my reviews. I was trying to say that I think this book, "An Awesome Ride" had some extra naughty sex scenes, but I liked "A Failed Date" (also written by this author) a little better. I found Minnie a bit too unbelievable for me to even sympathize with, (although she didn't seem to mind her plight or how the guys took advantage of her :-)