JD Stockholm


I currently live in Northern England. I spends most of my days writing non-fiction, fiction and the occasional spot of poetry.

My name is JD Stockholm. I am the author of Dear Teddy.

I wrote this to give a child that never had one a voice. I also blog as I go. The blog is mostly for my journey. To get those thoughts out that linger in my mind until I am driven crazy. Its sharing. Maybe someone reading will realise they are not alone. Maybe when someone comments I will realise that too.

We all walk along different paths, but sometimes, when the road is rocky, the way to go is unclear and you just need that helping hand. Its good to look over the canyon next you and see someone else doing the same.

Give them a little wave. Smile say Hi. And know that why ever you are here reading. If your struggles plague you. You are not alone.

The book or blog maybe triggering. Please read with caution if you have been a victim of abuse in any kind.



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