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  • Attack of the Lushites on Sep. 07, 2011

    I loved this book. Mr. Crossley has a wonderful way of combining both off-the-wall humor and exciting adventure. I enjoyed all the characters. I thought they were well developed, and even the worst of them had a little bit of goodness hidden inside. I found myself becomming attached to them and wanting to learn more about them. The Lushites were my favorites. When I read the disceiption of their leader Jack, I couldn't help but think of Captain Jack Sparrow. Laughing, I could just picture him swaying across the deck. My favorite character had to be Bud. His interaction with both The Brain and Jal were wonderful. I loved the fact that with all the individuals who held the power and ran the different worlds it was Bud and Jal who ended up the heroes. Underneath all the humor and action ran a thread of warning. A thread about excess and the consquences of that excess, whether it be overeating , drinking or smoking. All in all a very witty, over-the-top story with a moral warning. Mr. Crossley's writing reminds me a great deal of the writings of Lionel Fenn, aka Charlie Grant, and like Mr. Fenn, left me smiling and wanting more.