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Smashwords book reviews by Jaime Lincoln

  • Forsaken By Shadow on Nov. 23, 2010

    Cade Shepherd is a prize fighter and suffers from memory loss. He can't remember his previous life, or the fact that he saved his beloved's life. Years later his beloved, Embry Hollister returns with a request of help. She hopes he remembers his past life and more importantly, her. As their paths and quests intertwine passions are renewed. A past that can't be remembered; however, the love felt is not so easily forgotten. Nolan portrayed a story of reality and pain with a touch of optimism vividly. She breathed life into the characters, so much so they became real, causing me to become a part of the story. She also included a list of terms and their meanings at the beginning of the story, which was helpful.
  • Red on Sep. 09, 2011

    Young Elodie has lived her life preparing for the inevitable. She begins to think she may have been spared, but someone enters her life causing her to question everything and everyone in her life. Sawyer has lived is life the opposite of hers. He knows things that will help Elodie; and when their paths cross events happen, causing Elodie to see things differently. Nolan delivered an entertaining and intriguing tale of young love in Red. The story's rhythm was woven together with a hint of action, secrets, and a shocking surprise ending. Reviewed by: Jaime L. Lincoln