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Lady Jane Sinclair, or as she likes to be called LJ, loves to write stories about secure powerful women and even if they have some problems she likes to make sure her characters take the lead and feel satisfied. She also writes about devilishly handsome men who end up in bed with her female characters. Her characters like sex but they also like to accomplish whatever they set out to do and if sex comes with it, all the better.

She‘s been writing for years and loving every second of it, except when she runs into a problem that her characters must solve. If she can't make it happen you can find her at a Starbucks working it out. It's always been important to Lady Jane to her to have her characters react in a realistic way. She likes to make them believable and she does it by learning about her characters likes and dislikes.

Lady Jane loves fashion and style, especially jewelry. So you can be sure her characters get gifts of love from their men and if not they buy it for themselves. L J also likes a good bargain even though her characters tend to have money. But one thing that's always going to be a message in her books - it's not always about the money.

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