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  • The Mind Readers, Book 1 on Jan. 09, 2011

    From the first page, the world outside the book ceased to exist and I was sitting in a diner hearing the pervy and violent thoughts of others. I began to feel Cameron's emotions and see things from her perspective. In truth, I was living vicariously through her. I felt her shame when she couldn't help others, her fustration when it came to her so called friends, her anger at her grandmother's controlling nature, her longing for the unrequited love, the warm and fussy feeling of a new love, the excitement of learning she was not alone, and the fear of those she cared about in danger. I am amazed of how well and how fast I was captivated by Cameron's character. Not to mention, I am in awe at how well the author wrote Cameron's thoughts, personality, and actions with such power, passion, and fluidity. The words flowed off the pages and into my imagination with amazing ease. I wasn't being told the story, I was living it. I loved how Cameron grew as the story progressed, not only in learning to control her abilities, but the empowerment that came with it. She went from self preservation and hiding to standing up for and voicing her opinions on what was right, even if it cost her everything she cared about. She discovered that things are not always what they seem. And through the journey of discovery, confusion consumed, secrets were learned, betrayals revealed, and relationships questioned. The supporting characters were also complex and interesting. First, there was the controlling and domineering grandmother, who would have loved nothing more than to have kept Cameron safely hidden from the world. There was also Emily, the supposed BFF, who took great pleasure in malisciously taunting her. Then came Lewis, the dark, seductive, and charming stranger who showed up and took Cameron away from the stifling life she had and brought her to others of her kind. It was easy to understand how she could fall in love with him. But, sometimes things that are too good to be true, usually are. Lewis had secrets and ulterior motives of his own. He introduced her to Aaron, who promised her father, to train her and protect her...or so he claimed. She also met the gorgeous and dangerous Maddox, the supposed enemy, who was being held prisoner and tortured in the basement. He spun a different tale. Who was telling the truth and who was the real villian? Overall, it is said, "The best things come in small packages". This short story packed a powerful punch and knocked the wind right out of me. It was that amazing. The plot was filled with suspense, intrigue, and excitement and most of all, it was never predictable. I love stories that mess with my mind and consist of sides not of black and white, but shades of grey. Because of this element, I didn't know who to trust or who was right or wrong, and that made it all the more thrilling. As secrets came to light, betrayals revealed, and truths questioned, I was biting my nails and anticipating the turn of each page. Lori Brighton did an incrediable job merging believable circumstances with powerful emotions, engaging characters, and suspenseful intrigue and turning it into a compelling and thrilling tale. I hope that there will be another book to follow Cameron's the "cliffhanger that wasn't" left me fustrated, anticpating, and craving for more. The Mind Readers is a book to be savoured, but compulsion will cause you to devour it.