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  • Change by Design on April 29, 2012

    I don't typically read science fiction books, so going into this, I felt I might have been a bit out of my league. However, much to my delight, I was mistaken. I found myself almost immediately drawn into the story and its characters. Despite the short length of this story (and having never read any of the other books in the Xenonian Origins series), I was able to connect with each of the characters introduced as well as really get a sense of this world they live in where psionics are shunned and killed off or deemed expendable. Being able to fully immerse the reader, especially a reader unfamiliar with the science fiction genre, is a great feat for a writer to achieve in such a limited amount of space. Taylor does this beautifully, masterfully, and her writing holds my attention from the beginning to end. I'm definitely going to have to expand my usual book-reading genres to include Taylor's works into them. All in all, I'm going to be looking forward to reading more from this author. I highly recommend her to anyone considering looking into her work. You won't regret it!