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I am a 27 year-old Brazilian-Israeli, living in Rio de Janeiro... I love reading Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Love TV and Movies. If I'm not online, I'm reading. Usually it's both :)

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  • Tender Mercies on May 19, 2011

    Previously Published on my blog: Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life After the mind f*ck that Comfort Food was, I could not wait to check out what else Kitty Thomas had in store and when she requested the review of her newest novel, Tender Mercies, I jumped at the chance to read it. I am glad to say that Kitty not only doesn’t disappoint with Tender Mercies, but dare I say it, that she delivers a n even better book than the first time around. One of my favorite movies of all time is Secretary, which is a very unusual love story that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone out there, though the people that I have recommend it to, loved it. Tender Mercies is at its core a love story, not a conventional love story in any stretch of the word, but definitely one nonetheless. Grace is a has always craved a full-on DOM-sub relationship for years, not only the occasional play in clubs and in the bedroom, but something permanent. So, when she finds out about an island that is a “country” all on its own, where men completely own women as slaves, she decides that that’s the life she wants. However, the DOM she has chosen is an absolute monster and her life becomes hell in a place where she has no rights at all. When she is sold to Asher after being told that he has killed his last slave, Grace is sure her life is over, but she ends up finding the relationship she always wanted instead. That is until Asher’s past comes knocking and turns her world upside down once again. One time might be a fluke, but with Tender Mercies Kitty Thomas proves to be an original and talented voice in the literary world. Writing beautiful and unconventional tales of love and acceptance, has brought to forth a new sub genre, Dark Literary Erotica, telling love and sexy stories with a unparalleled finesse. I cannot wait to see what she will produce next. If you think you enjoy this kind of novel or if you are open for something out of the box, I definitely recommend Tender Mercies. You won’t regret it!