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Lalien Cilliers loves to inspire, inform and amuse others with content she shares across various platforms.

She is eternally curious and is always working on a number of projects ... have a look ... maybe some of those align with your interests!

Coming from a family of writers, she is always fascinated by all things to do with writing. Helping young writers, and sharing tips and tricks from published authors is clearly reflected in her blog and upcoming ebooks.

However, she has also been involved in helping young entrerpreneurs and upcoming managers, and will soon publish a series of guides in the area of management. Social media and all kinds of tech are part of being in business these days, so that might also come into play!

Two younger brothers inspired her a number of years ago to publish a non-fiction book for young guys leaving the nest for the first time. She is updating this, and you can look forward to an upcoming series of guides for young guys setting up house, looking for love, jobs, and crockery!

Her sprituality is an integral part of her being and she is especially interested in finding out more about our relationships with each other and with God. Our modern lives are complex, and she explores this in her work.

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Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I was in the second grade and it was a grandiose story about a little purple shell for the school yearbook.
Describe your desk
I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon with the cool breeze from the Atlantic over my hands as I am typing away on my laptop. It's a hot day today and the beach across the road from my home is filled with the sounds of the waves, the laughter of children and the occassional big bike roaring past. It's a blessing staying here and I drink in the changes in the sea and air and Table Mountain across the bay. I find that I work best in organised chaos. Which means that I like clean surfaces, but when something lands on my desk, it has to stay where it landed once it's found its way on my "environmental radar". So - not a neat freak, but it's like my mind "maps" where things are, and then they have to always be there for me to go into the zone and write with joy. I have a tiny bright red fan that plugs into my laptop in summer, my phone, something to drink (often coffee, rooibos tea with lemon, or just ice cold water) on my right, and a notebook for quick scribbles.
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