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  • When Graveyards Yawn - The Apocalypse Trilogy: Book One on June 27, 2013

    It was a long time since I read something that felt this fresh and different wihout feeling forced. An intriguing not-too-to-distant future holds no bars on life or death and the private investigator Tommy Wildclown works hard for his clients' fees and his own survival. Well written with a very good flow and practically no typos, this holds a good commercial quality and I would be surprised if it will not be filmed.
  • Fifty Shades of Brown on Aug. 08, 2013

    A Quick read based on a clever setup and some laughs along the way to the twist at the end. Not so sure about the feminist perspective.
  • Might Have Been on Aug. 08, 2013
    (no rating)
    Enjoyable and well written. Creative and with a strong narrative voice. The sex is not the fully explored, but enjoyable.
  • The Erotic Adventures of Candide on Aug. 08, 2013

    An excellent read. Very well written with few or no typos and a true-to-original style of language. Clever twisting with useful anachronisms cleverly put into the story to teach the reader morals. Looking forward to reading more from Martina Donna Ramone.
  • Sven the Zombie Slayer (Book 1) on Aug. 08, 2013

    One of the best around. Believabale with a good flow in the story, interesting characters. It has open, as well as less obvious, but always tongue-in-cheek references to genre literature and films which heightens the reading experience. No typos and several cliff hangers made it hard to put the book down. Read now.
  • Zombie Jokes on Aug. 08, 2013

    Some old, some new, and some original truly applicable to zombies only. A quick read.
  • Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park on Dec. 14, 2013

    fast paced and well written with some great original characters set in the story.
  • The Peripheral Cocksucker on Dec. 14, 2013

    clever story, fun and anjoyable and yet some proper sex. Yes, this is good and written by an author who obviouusly took some time in thinking about the plot and have to develop the story and its characters. Well worth a read, but all too short...
  • Zombie Spring on Dec. 14, 2013

    a different approach to the zombie genre - taking a focus on the more military tactic and how to actually try to rid the world of the pestilence once the apocalypse is a fact. Interesting read.
  • Midge Fly and the End of The World on Dec. 14, 2013

    well written in the spirit of the hitchhiker's guide...series, however a bit too lecxturing at times indicates that it is aimed at a younger audience which tends to get a bit tiresome to me being older. On the other hand - the story is interesting enough to have kept me finish it, so cudos to finding a balance by adding a cheeck-in-tongue kind of humour and intersting plot.
  • The Awakened Beauty or Penelope’s Odyssey on May 27, 2014

    written with an ironic wink to today's society this short play presents an alternative version to Sleeping beauty. Worth a read.
  • The Scorpion Series book 1: The Scorpion on May 27, 2014

    Following th heroine Shi on her journey to and in New Orleans is unfortunately not as exciting as it sounds. Too slow story development for my taste, and a bit too manu typos to be enjoyable reading. Did not finish.
  • Might Have Been on May 27, 2014

    A clever approach to getting a binding story around different sexual fantasies. Well worth a read, high quality in its editing and handling of language.
  • The Garden Wall on May 27, 2014

    Quite a different story written in a highly enjoyable fashion. Hard to explain - just enjoy the read.
  • Zombie Nights on May 27, 2014

    Not bad. The title and description is accurately portrayng what to expect. Inner dialogue and the mystery of who and why the main character was murdered unravels as you read. The zombie aspect is not strong though, could just as well have been "undead" in general.
  • Bovicide, Zombie Diaries, and the Legend of the Brothers Brown on Sep. 20, 2014

    A unique reading experience - well written , edited and imagined. Much recommended.
  • The Confessions of a Callboy in the Future on Sep. 20, 2014

    Calling this erotic literature is a stretch. This is more like reading a documentary from a poor country today (it is set in the Philippines in a post-nuclear holocaust future).
  • Zombie Fever 1: Origins on Sep. 20, 2014

    A story told with good speed and a good plot with a combination of evil corporations, greed and zombies. Well worth a read, even if it is a main stream zombie telling.
  • Zombie Zora on Sep. 20, 2014

    Well written, road movie style from a military unit's perspective. Could be filmed tomorrow and enjoy a lot of viewers.
  • Silk Ties on Sep. 20, 2014

    A surprisingly different story than first anticipated. A disturbing read (in a good way) with a seriously twisted imagination of the author. Think H.P. Lovecraft in the 21st century.
  • Zombie Girl on Sep. 20, 2014

    Nice approach by the author with a different angle on the US post apocalypse small town zombie infested survival theme. What happens when you fall in love with an infected? Less improbable theme than it sounds like. Worth a read.
  • LZR-1143: Perspectives (Zombie Short Stories) on Sep. 20, 2014

    Well written, tight story line and hard to put down. The reader gets to follow an airline pilot as the zombie outbreak happens. Well worth a read.
  • Living Death: Deliverance (Horror, Zombie Apocalypse, Medical Fiction) on Sep. 20, 2014

    Fast paced, quick read with an open ending asking the readers for how to continue. Clever and convincing. Well worth a read.
  • The Price of Love on Sep. 20, 2014

    Not engaging. Gave up before coming to the end. Sorry, not my cup of tea.
  • L'il Gal Al and the Zombies of Amarillo on Sep. 20, 2014

    Excellent blend of classic spaghetti western and zombie horror. Very much cheek in tongue and flirts with genre cliches. A quick, enjoyable read.
  • The Zombie Chronicles: Volume One on Sep. 20, 2014

    very special theme, where the hero of our story falls in love with a female zombie by the laundromat. Sounds odd, but is surprisingly believable. Well worth a read.
  • Zombies! Episode 1: Shawn of the Dead on Sep. 20, 2014

    Finally a main character that immediatley recognizes an early zombie for what it is, but still fails to stop the outbreak unless the police who apprehends him also accepts the truth.
  • Inappropriate Behaviour and Other Stories on Sep. 20, 2014

    Too soft core for me, not bad but not engaging either. Did not finish.
  • The Battle for the Known Unknown on Sep. 27, 2014

    This was by far my most enjoyable read so far this year - all categories. It is rare to find an author that is able to write stories that combine an interesting plot with relevant discussions on scientific discoveries, religion/philosophy, as well as keeping a nerve in the story with regards to both suspense and adult content. High quality narrative and flow. Near pefect editiing, When I put it down I immediately looked for parts 2 and 3. This should be a must read for anyone browsing this category.
  • Bar Girl on Nov. 26, 2017

    A very interesting read with a no-nonsense approach to how sex is valued as a commodity in Angelse City. Without judging the reader, sex is depicted well and the character development is not bad at all. A read well worth!
  • Not Exactly Dead on Nov. 26, 2017

    well written, cheek-in-tounge humour.
  • Demonic Double Cross on Nov. 26, 2017

    Simply brilliant! great characters, twisted plot and a funny balance between the sceptic con artist and the (un)real world of demons!
  • The Mortal Coil Shuffle on Nov. 26, 2017

    really, really funny and a great tribute to the american superstitious scene. It is a must read and highly recommended combination of satire and horror.
  • Concrete Underground on Nov. 26, 2017

    Really enjoyed the story. Twisted story, pushing the boundaries and aksing radical questions about "elite behaviors". Fast paced and action filled. Well worth a read!
  • Inbetween on Nov. 26, 2017

    a special story that is quite different from most other reads. A good read, but not the gerates (a bit too confused/unclear storyline and character interactions at times)
  • The Porridge King on July 22, 2019

    Excellent read with a seriously unique quirkiness. Refreshing!
  • On The 7th Day on July 22, 2019

    Simply brilliant - suspense and giggles until the very last page.
  • Twice Dead (The Zombie Crisis--Book 1) on July 22, 2019

    A good start of a book series with action, focus and suspense.
  • Zombie's day ! on July 22, 2019

    meh, not my cup of tea despite the thematics.
  • The Witch's Birthday Brew on July 22, 2019

    straight forward and with some spice in the brew