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  • When Graveyards Yawn - The Apocalypse Trilogy: Book One on June 27, 2013
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    It was a long time since I read something that felt this fresh and different wihout feeling forced. An intriguing not-too-to-distant future holds no bars on life or death and the private investigator Tommy Wildclown works hard for his clients' fees and his own survival. Well written with a very good flow and practically no typos, this holds a good commercial quality and I would be surprised if it will not be filmed.
  • Fifty Shades of Brown on Aug. 08, 2013
    star star star
    A Quick read based on a clever setup and some laughs along the way to the twist at the end. Not so sure about the feminist perspective.
  • Might Have Been on Aug. 08, 2013
    star star star star
    Enjoyable and well written. Creative and with a strong narrative voice. The sex is not the fully explored, but enjoyable.
  • The Erotic Adventures of Candide on Aug. 08, 2013
    star star star star star
    An excellent read. Very well written with few or no typos and a true-to-original style of language. Clever twisting with useful anachronisms cleverly put into the story to teach the reader morals. Looking forward to reading more from Martina Donna Ramone.
  • Sven the Zombie Slayer (Book 1) on Aug. 08, 2013
    star star star star star
    One of the best around. Believabale with a good flow in the story, interesting characters. It has open, as well as less obvious, but always tongue-in-cheek references to genre literature and films which heightens the reading experience. No typos and several cliff hangers made it hard to put the book down. Read now.
  • Zombie Jokes on Aug. 08, 2013
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    Some old, some new, and some original truly applicable to zombies only. A quick read.
  • Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park on Dec. 14, 2013
    star star star star star
    fast paced and well written with some great original characters set in the story.
  • The Zombie Chronicles (Apocalypse Infection Unleashed Series) on Dec. 14, 2013
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    a depiction of a post apocalypytic world similar to wolrd war Z with a story developing in a linear fashion where the main character group moves through the infected landscape from one city to another.
  • The Peripheral Cocksucker on Dec. 14, 2013
    star star star star star
    clever story, fun and anjoyable and yet some proper sex. Yes, this is good and written by an author who obviouusly took some time in thinking about the plot and have to develop the story and its characters. Well worth a read, but all too short...
  • Zombie Spring on Dec. 14, 2013
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    a different approach to the zombie genre - taking a focus on the more military tactic and how to actually try to rid the world of the pestilence once the apocalypse is a fact. Interesting read.
  • Midge Fly and the End of The World on Dec. 14, 2013
    star star star star
    well written in the spirit of the hitchhiker's guide...series, however a bit too lecxturing at times indicates that it is aimed at a younger audience which tends to get a bit tiresome to me being older. On the other hand - the story is interesting enough to have kept me finish it, so cudos to finding a balance by adding a cheeck-in-tongue kind of humour and intersting plot.