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  • Escape Artist on July 20, 2010

    I have to say... this is an excellent piece, very well written and very well paced. The author paces the characters through the story without hurrying them into improbable events, and the sex contained is not raunchy at all. The story has an excellent ending - not what one would expect but not what one would fear, either! It is not one of those stories which end abruptly nor with a highly unbelievable conclusion... ...quite the opposite, I am waiting for the Author to keep his promise !!!
  • The Illuminated Discipline Manual on July 20, 2010
    (no rating)
    When I initially began my read, I was somewhat amused. My amusement turned into disappointment, however, as the pages went on. The book seems to have been written with an 18th Century, Georgian or Victorian reader in mind. In the US, a 19th century backwoods hillbilly or Mormon audience is the only thing that comes to mind. The book is titled "The Illuminated Discipline manual", but there is little in terms of Illumination - rather, the expectation that the entire family will merrily live under orders of the Man of the House, children and wife happily acepting corporal punishment for whimsical "faults". Corporal punishment is considered to be staple, but little is described other than "spanking and whipping". All in all, I consider the manual to shed very little light on Discipline, let alone Illuminated. I must admit I feel I wasted my money. The file has already been deleted from my PC.
  • How to Turn a Bad Wife into a Good Slave on July 20, 2010

    Extremely amusing piece of work. True, the entire situation is somewhat too fantasious to be all true or all converted into reality, and there are a few times when the main male character is simply too resourceful to be credible - on the other hand, this is a fantasy BDSM novel and I must thank the Author for not letting himself go down the slippery slope of snuff etc. Indeed, it is actually possible to "convert" a sizeable portion of the novel into an adventure of sorts - provided the partner is at least paritially willing. All in all, an extremely enjoyable novel which, with hindsight, is certainly worth its price.
  • Abducted on July 20, 2010

    Very pleasant read - although the initial mumbo jumbo by an "all-thumbs" typist was a somewhat difficult read. The novel reeks eros and emotions - from fear to surprise to downright lust. However the style in which it is written is elegant, not raunchy nor vulgar - which is typical of the style of a lady. The ending is a surprise, I'll admit, and I would have happily read another few dozen (hundred?) pages of erotic adventures before the (happy) ending. My wife enjoyed it herself, which says it all about the quality of the Author and the story.