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  • Heller's Revenge on June 03, 2012

    i love this series and i can't wait to get the next one. it is absolutely a 'must read' for all book lovers. i love how the main characters did not get together until the later books. it keeps the readers hooked to their stories.fantastic books!
  • Taken Over (Book 2 The Ravening Series) on Aug. 08, 2012

    To be honest, i was quite taken on a very pleasant ride on the first book of this series so much so that i immediately bought the second book. I love the suspense and mystery the first book offered and i thought the second book will give answer to some of the questions i have that is quite different from other books. However, by the end of the second book, I was quite disappointed. Let me tell you why. In fairness to the author, she made the heroine strong and not pathetic like Bella of Twilight fame. Even Catniss of Hunger Games was depressed when Petra was captured that she moped for days. Bethany (the heroine) however, tried to be strong outwardly but by the way she narrates, readers can feel her inner struggle that makes it easier to root for her. I personally love how she tried to "live" after such a loss even if she was described as half-dead. This just shows not only her strength as a person but her selflessness. I looked forward to reading the second book even if the hero(Cade) seemed the have died because i know the heroine will go on fighting. I wanted to know what she will do and how she will survive. In addition to the strong heroine, I love the alpha-male hero - Cade - once they hook up. I keep on rooting for their love story because they have history (from childhood onwards), so unlike the imprinting concept most books have now. I also like how the author described the world they were in which was so believable like you are living and running with the characters. The suspense in the first book i liken to Karina Halle's experiment in terror (no offense meant) though they are of different genre. It is what spurred me to buy the second book immediately which brings me to my thoughts on the second book. Also, the world domination twist shows that this is beyond what they can ever imagine. The second book came out strong strong in the beginning, at least until Cade came out again. (I mean, I was glad Cade is alive and back but. ..). This is where the book somehow became a lot like Twilight. For one, the aliens are very vampire-like in nature. The aliens wants blood (surprise!) and to do that they wanted to take over the world. It would have been better if they are not out to harvest blood. The second similarity is that Bethany was oh-so-ready to offer her blood to Cade (like Bella to Edward - scandalous!). The third is Bethany's uncanny, blind acceptance of the "otherness" in Cade just like Bella's to Edward's 'vampirism'. I believe Bethany is made of tougher stuff than this. The other thing i miss in the second book is the life and death suspense that the first book brought. The second book sadly did a lot of explanation which immediately took away the mystery. At any rate, I will give the first books five stars hands down. The second book, I will give three stars because at least i have answers but way too quick. I hope the author will not kill Cade because of this. I still want them to be together and still want how their journey goes. Thank you Erica Stevens for provoking so much response from me. I do not usually give this review this long but I am quite invested in your book which goes to say i like it. More please....
  • Ravenous (Book 1, The Ravening Series) on Aug. 09, 2012

    What can I say? This is one of the best young adult sci-fi stories I have read. The blend of mystery, suspense, romance, adventure and sci-fi is so deliciously offered in this book. I couldn't put it down and I had to immediately buy the next book. Great story-telling, amazing characters and out of this world ride! No dull moment. Five stars all the way!