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I'm a voracious reader. Gramma. Empty-nester. Thinking about republishing (or publishing for the first time) some of my mother's works, since many of our friends have asked to have her books.

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  • Amulet 2 on May 23, 2012

    Jason's back in this sequel to Amulet, though the Amulet belongs to someone else now. Interestingly to me, I found the plot more cohesive in this sequel and, at the same time, the sex not nearly as hot. There were fewer mistakes in this story (though still a few), but they really didn't take me out of the story too much. We're five or so years down the road, and Jason and his pack have created a circle of friends bound by love and true friendship, and they're all pretty happy. Sam is pregnant and fairly soon into the book, goes into the hospital to have the baby, but something happens. Because he's special to Malchediel and Ambriel, he is offered the opportunity to "fix" things. In something vaguely akin to Ebenezer Scrooge's visits from various Ghosts of Christmas, Jason tries to figure out if he should fix things; how different would his life be if one little tiny thing were changed? Two? If he changed nothing? Jason's journey through his own life (past, present and future) in his quest for that answer is touching, and eventually he makes the right decision for himself and his new family, and it's a choice that both makes sense to the character and isn't too farfetched to be realistic. Then, the epilogue sets things up for another sequel, and the circumstances of that setup strain my credulity a bit too far. There may be more to this story, but I think I'll stop here and be satisfied with this ending. Much thanks to S. Wolf for the opportunity to read the sequel.
  • Breathless (Blue Fire Saga #1) on July 27, 2012

    I liked Breathless, though YA is not my usual genre. The myriad of ways writers have teens avoid sex is one of the reasons I generally avoid YA, basically because teens don't really avoid sex all that much. I thought the idea of volkaanes was interesting, but it mostly served as a way for Leesa to avoid even kissing her new love interest for the most part, though it did serve as a plot point. Leesa's dilemna over how to save her brother when the time came was not actually spelled out until she told Rave, and that was a bit frustrating, kind of like when friends make intentionally vague posts on Facebook, fishing for us to ask them what's going on, so they can ramp up the drama. The triangle with Leesa, Stefan and Rave was mostly told instead of shown and was frankly boring. Leesa was drawn to Stefan, but never interested in him romantically, which took the heat out of the love triangle and pretty much made it pointless. While I did like Breathless, it was written much too simply and the end glossed over what happened to Leesa, so the resolution was much too easy and anti-climactic. Bradley magically recovered in a couple of days from months of captivity and everyone lived happily ever after, in the sunlight. Yay? Anyway, I didn't like the story or the style of writing enough to want to read the next installment in this adventure.