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Lance A Mannion was born in the hills of Kentucky to lower middle income parents in 1963. He has three brothers and one sister, and is the youngest of all five. He moved to Clearwater, Florida in 1974, after his father had a heart attack and was forced to retire from driving a bus.
Lance served in the Marines in his early twenties and settled back in Florida in 1987 after his honorable discharge. He married and raised his four children there. He built a successful business and ran it for 13 years. The business was consuming him, but he continued to build it until a tragedy in 2004 threw his life into a tailspin.
His eldest son took his own life at the age of 13, and it devastated his family. Lance found the strength to try to live on, but he realized just how precious life had become. So he decided to make changes. He later was divorced from his wife, sold the business that was killing him, took lessons and became a pilot, started a new business, and finally sought out the love of his life, Lisa, who he had secretly loved since high school. They were married in March of 2012.
Among pilots there is a saying; “There are things that can’t help you in the air, altitude above you, the runway behind you, and fuel in your tanks after you’re back in the hanger.” Lance believes there is another important lesson that people don’t seem to realize; “There is only one thing of value in the world. It’s not money, or power, or health, or family. The only thing of real value is TIME. You can’t buy it, steel it, bargain for it, or even beg for it. All you can do is either use it, or waste it.”
Lance hopes that you enjoy this book, which was loosely based on his own life, and that you will decide to live your own lives like each day might be the last. He hopes you will “Make it count.”

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