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  • Hot dogs under The Dakota. on May 06, 2012

    I was given a copy of Hot Dogs Under the Dakota in exchange for an honest review. I didn't read the description before I signed up for the read and review as it was the title that had me hooked. But you can't let the seemingly innocent title lure you into a false sense of security. It's definitely not an innocent tale.... (Reader beware: be ready for a strange, emotional roller coaster. Be ready to be pissed off. Be ready to demand justice!) This is a complex, well written story told from the perspective of a teenaged boy named Petie. Petie has been easily cast off by his young mother and lives with his Grandparents while she makes strange attempts at getting her life on track. She has a lot of problems that probably stem from the circumstances surrounding her teenaged pregnancy. She is hotheaded, selfish, attention driven, and severely moody. She drops Petie off with her parents after she meets her current love interest, Bill and he is, as Petie describes, a prick. Claiming that she and Bill need time to themselves, she successfully enters the realm of a non existent (or fair weather) parent. Petie's overbearing, critical Granddad is easily one of the most villainous characters I've had the displeasure of "getting to know". It's a strange dynamic because Petie truly struggles between love and hate with his Granddad and even though he is a despicable human being, Petie is always searching for his approval. Through Petie's eyes, there are some moments of goodness but for the most part, his Granddad made my skin crawl. Petie's Grandma is a typical woman of the 50's and is content to be stuck in a stereotypical husband-wife relationship. She cooks, cleans, and doesn't do anything her horrible husband disapproves of because heaven forbid, she makes him upset. She's not oblivious to the comings and goings but she certainly has a way of effectively blocking things out. Aside from Petie and his grandparents, none of the other characters develop beyond their outer appearances and remain mostly dysfunctional and predictable. There are a lot of side stories and minor characters that add to some overall confusion. In general, it feels like nothing really happens and at first that really bothered me. It's just a troubled kid going along with his life with no real friends, a serious anger management problem, and a lot of secrets. But then I really thought about it. Here you have this highly observant teen who has a ton of problems and he's going along with his life. It's his story of trying to gain acceptance and get past his obvious issues while dealing with the happenings of the world at the same time. And it's the 1950's in South Africa, there are a lot of things going on! With all of this being said, there are some really dark parts of this book. Dark and thoroughly disturbing. Overall, I enjoyed this story but wished for a little more closure and focus. I was really intrigued by some of the darker dealings that Petie witnessed and hoped for some more information. (Though I suppose if I want serious focus, I should stay away from books written in the point of view of a teenaged boy.) I'm certainly looking forward to more books penned by Johannes Gouws!
  • Reflection on Nov. 03, 2012

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the group, Basically Books on Goodreads. I've spent a lot of time digesting this book and the concepts that it presents and I'm really happy I chose to read it. There is a sequel coming out shortly that I'm eager to get my hands on! To me, when I'm itching for a sequel, it means that I liked the book enough to read more. All in all, this is an easy, (PG) romantic read. First, readers meet Heather. She is a recent high school graduate who is escaping her hometown to start college during the summer semester. After her mother's passing prior to high school, she only has her drunk stepfather at home. She really only spends time with her best friend, Creed and working at the local library. Creed is desperately trying to get her to stay at home at least a little bit longer but Heather is adamant that it is time for her to leave. It takes a while for things to get really interesting but readers soon discover that Heather was in a near fatal accident and has been in a coma. There is a theory discussed that she was in a coma that caused her brain to process memories while her body recovered. She wakes from her coma and recounts her memories of her first semester of college but they are obviously off in some way. She meets several key characters right away, mainly Nick. She was confused by her own actions and thoughts, she couldn't remember everything, and she experienced bouts of deja vu. It was frustrating to read about Heather's experience without knowing if the character was really going through those memories or if that was her true personality. But that was the hook! Waiting for the absolute moments of truth at the end was what drove me forward in my reading experience. I was heartbroken at the end of the story. I really felt for the girl! Again, I do feel like my knowledge of the character was slightly skewed because I didn't really get to know her BEFORE she re-lived her memories. She is still a likeable character who is kind of an odd duck though, I think she would be a cool person to get to know and hang out with.