larina bridenstine

Smashwords book reviews by larina bridenstine

  • Outside the Addiction: A Mother's Story on Sep. 19, 2014

    I debated on reading this story for weeks. My brother died from his heroin addiction in 2012. I didnt want the memories to flood me. Tina's addiction hit her hard and fast for her to switch basically over night. The Mother never wanting to give up on her baby would have walked through the gates of hell for her child. I got emotional when she got that call saying her daughter was in the hospital and had overdosed. I remember myself being so scared of getting that call. At least Tina survived. I dont know what would be worse knowing that my child is alive and out there like this or being dead. My heart goes out to the mom in this story. I too got my brothers kids he had 4. As these babies parents all we can do is tell them about all the wonderful things their parents did before the drugs and worry about the bad at a later time. As for Tina's sister and brother. I was never put on a back burner like them. Fae was so grown up at such a young age. Sad what todays youth know. I pray for those who are on addiction and Tina where ever you are tonight i know your momma loves you and your in my prayers.
  • The Sleeper With The Restless Eyes Who Sleeps Beneath A Sleeper on April 05, 2015

    If this is suppose to be for children i would never read it to mine. the gruesomeness of it is not funny in any way. Yes children should not play on the tracks but not with this poem. you should not scare a child into not doing something this is how urban legends form. I also found several grammar errors in the poem. It was reading as if a proof was never done.
  • The Ten Second Time Traveller on April 05, 2015

    Cute story reminds me of a episode of family guy when Stewy and the dog keep going back in time to try and fix a mistake.