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Smashwords book reviews by larrachersan

  • The Zarder on Nov. 03, 2012

    I won this book as an early reviewer and started reading it right away. This is a book that will hold you from page one to the very last. The story develops around a human girl, Jena, who lives as a slave in a world ruled by Onizards, dragon-like creatures. When she bonds with one of the hatchlings , her life changes completely. So do the lives of the Onizards. The characters are well developed and you like them right from the start. Although the story is called "The Zarder", a name for Jena, the book also tells a great deal about the life in the Sandleyr, the home of the Onizards. The story is not limited to Jena alone, which gives the book a nice twist, cause there are some minor plots, which develop nicely along the story. The official summary of "The Zarder" makes the book sound like an action packed volume, which it isn't. This book isn't about all-time fighting or some quest like most fantasy novels nowadays. But that actually makes it more readable, since the author takes some well-known fantasy elements and combines them to a new fascinating world. And even without fighting this book is sure to grip you until you finish it.
  • The Speed of Wind on Nov. 03, 2012

    Just like the first book in the Onizards series, "The Speed of Wind" is a well written book, which will catch readers with its thought through story and the wonderful characters. The second book in the Onizards series deals with the revenge the Fire Queen wants to bring down on the Sandleyr. Main characters this time aren't Jena and her bond but Bryn the second Zarder. After the Fire Queen takes hostages, Bryn and his bonded Onizard Xolt are send to rescue their friends. Just like the first book this one isn't all action packed, but it is still a thrilling book, that has you wondering all the time about what will happen next. There are some surprising twists and turns in the story, keeping the plot fresh and lively. The author has a wonderful style, describing emotions so well, that you can feel them along with the characters. You laugh with them and you cry with them. I'm looking forward to the next book in this new and fascinating series.