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  • Matt Archer: Monster Hunter on Jan. 24, 2013

    This book was kindly given to me by the author, Kendra C. Highley, in exchange for an honest review. After finding the summary interesting, I could only oblige. You may also find this review at GoodReads. Matt Archer is your average 14 yrs old. He's got one best friend, a terrible crush on a girl and bully to torment his school days. Then everything goes to hell when he gets attacked by a monster while on a camping trip and ends up paired with a mystical hunting knife of dubious origins, and even more mysterious properties, with the task of eliminating the unnatural things that now prowl at night in his backyard. I really enjoyed this book, because, boy, do things get crazy. I hadn't been expecting the military turn it took. Yes, we are talking about real flesh-eating monsters that allegedly came from Hell as the first phase for a war against evil, but instead of opting for giving Matt sudden paranormal powers, the author put him through more conventional means of developing. You know, like actual combat training and exercise. It says a lot of what I've been reading lately that the normal, logical thing (like getting the goddamn army involved when monsters started eating people) would feel so out of the blue. I loved it. The only thing I found a tad grating was how much time Matt spend thinking about how hot Ella was. Not how kind or nice or smart. Hot. Always so attentive to her perfect hair, the swaying of her hips or how tight her clothes were. Even once trying to look down her shirt. But that's normal male behavior as far as I know so, ugh, boys.