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  • That Moment... on May 01, 2012

    "That Moment" is a wonderful accumulation of real life stories, that covered history, geography & holding my attention with some suspense, some intrigue, laughter & moments that touched my heart. It truly is about "that moment" when pieces of life's puzzle come together for whatever reason...angels? spirit? Devine Intervention? It's an inspirational, easy & affordable read. I was thrilled to read a book where the author brought words to life.
  • That Moment... on Sep. 07, 2012

    I had the ultimate privilege of meeting the author Corinne Champagne & her family yesterday. Those that have read her e-book "That Moment" will agree it is an accumulation of inspirational, non-fictional short stories. I also met her grandmother of 99 yrs. Corinne writes about her in one of her short stories. The story of her grandmother came to life for me, even more so when Corinne placed my hand behind her grandmother's head, just behind the ear. Her writing became so very real for me, what I felt, what this woman of 99 years went through as a baby and how she survived such brutality. As I removed my hand, her grandmother's beautiful eyes & smile captured my heart instantly. I continued to ponder over my thoughts throughout the evening. Yes, we all have a history and with something as simple as a touch, I was moved beyond words.......this was part of her history. Today, as I reflect, I feel even more inspired. Remarkable women and a remarkable story. I sincerely believe you will also be moved by "That Moment."