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  • Unicorn Witch on Aug. 29, 2012
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    I have to say that The Unicorn Witch grew on me as I read it and was quite the enjoyable read at that... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A far away world where mythical creatures and humans coexist but folks from Earth with the right stuff can pop up in their time of Earthly need to become residents of this fantastical world. Magic is a tool used to make life easier and all have the ability until suddenly with no warning some begin to lose the gift. A wonderful read that reminds me of the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne & Todd McCaffrey and smacks slightly of The Chessmen of Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Highly recommend this book series and author as characters have depth and conviction to not only be right but to be just. Great values of an individuals contributions and an overall communities worth hold this world together on the fourth planet of one of the last solar systems before leaving this galaxy - the world known as Refuge. Main characters portray a great sense of the importance of family. They rely on each other and value each person’s place that keeps everything going smoothly. Job completion is performed to the best of every person’s abilities. The main character, works hard to find an answer to the mystery of why people throughout the land are losing their magic with waves coming every so many years apart but spread evenly in the many villages of Refuge. When the hunt for the cause of magical loss becomes dangerous a new inhabitant from Earth helps lead the way to remedy the ongoing situation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phenomenal read for this first book of the series. Highly recommend this book for all ages. I will be picking up a copy of the second book to find where the character and plot development are heading.