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  • FODMAPs-free veg: A vegetarian guide to FODMAPs elimination on July 05, 2012

    I don't have any kind of digestive problem, I just wanted to see how I would feel on a low FODMAPs diet. Elise's recipes are delicious and I will be using some of them again even now that my trail diet is over. If I had one complaint, it would be the way that the PDF is structured. Logically, if you were following the diet from Day One of the food plan it would make sense for the first recipe in the book to be Day One, Breakfast and so on. Insted the recipe order was all over the place and to find a recipe there was no reference system, just lots of flicking through the pages. Also, for the dressings and sauces on the last page there were no instructions on how to cook them. I assumed chuck all ingredients and blender and try your luck, but you never really know! One final thing, the cover here looks like its full of beautiful pictures (like Elise's blog) but there are no picture inside at all (at least in the PDF version)