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Lauren Parkes is a chartered surveyor, living in Manchester, UK, with her husband and their two young boys, Louis and Jayden. Daughter of property investors and authors, Chris & Penny Parkes, Lauren splits her time between managing and developing property, and writing fiction for young adults and children.

Smashwords Interview

Who are your favorite authors?
Number 1 goes to Jodi Picoult for consistency. Beautiful words. Beautifully expressed, every time. Just beautiful. Without fail, her books suck me in. I'm yet to correctly predict an ending!

My number 2 has to be Veronica Roth. Her Divergent series was breathtaking. The concept of segregating the nation according to personality type felt so real and was so well fleshed out, it was truly chilling.

Stephen King - a nod to my teenage years, where my first adult book was IT and I thought I was so grown up for reading creepy horrors.

And last but not least, Phillip Pullman for the Northern Lights trilogy. I remember reading these books aloud with my sister and mother during what must have been early teenage years, and when we'd all gone to sleep, I crept into Mum's room to get the book and see what happened. She was awake, in bed, reading a magazine, and when I came closer, I found Northern Lights nestled into the spine of her magazine. She was as desperate to finish it as I was!
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I've always loved writing. I'm from a family of writers who love nothing more than to come home from the cinema and plot out how we would improve the ending or weave in a stronger plot twist to a particular film. But it was the Twilight series that inspired me to take it one step further. I had to explore the relationship between Renesmee and Jacob, and ended up with 'The Prophecy', a fan fiction novel which essentially became a coming of age story for the two characters as they grew up.

When it surpassed 20,000 reads on along with a flurry of wonderful reviews, I thought.. hang on, I can do this. And so the journey towards Prosper began.
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