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  • RealmShift on Dec. 13, 2009
    star star star star star
    An interesting and strangely compelling read. This books is a pretty unusual mix of fantasy, action and horror but much to my surprise this actually works. The story quickly becomes a page turner.
  • Flank Hawk on April 13, 2010
    star star star star star
    A fun read
  • Cibola on April 13, 2010
    star star
    Cibola started off as an interesting read but disappointed after the first 50 pages. The story is overloaded with cardboard characters, unlikely events and myths stacked on top of each other. At some point in time my "willing suspension of disbelief" failed me.
  • Xenolith on May 27, 2010
    star star star star
    A fun read, even though the number of simultaneous storylines can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.
  • The Stone Arrow on July 05, 2010
    star star star star star
    A good read... so good in fact that I bought a few other books from the same author.
  • Refuge on July 26, 2010
    star star star star star
    I've just finished reading this book and loved it. In Some ways it reminds me of 'The day of the triffids' -another great read.
  • The Silver Serpent on Dec. 24, 2010
    star star star star
    I haven't finished the story yet but here I am to purchase the follow-up, so that I can take it with me during the Christmas holidays. Perfect winter reading.