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Born in 1950, I have been a pilot all of my working life and a writer for most of that time. I flew over 600 combat missions in Vietnam and have since traveled over most of the Earth flying private jets. About half of my career has been in management positions.

If ever there was a case of life experience informing what a writer writes, I am that case. I have met people from all walks of life and from all over our wonderful planet, and I have liked almost all of them. It is only a small stretch for me to imagine liking aliens.

The next book of the Spirit of Empire series is written, and if you liked Last of the Chosen, you are really going to like the next one. It is tentatively titled Like the Phoenix. Our heroes are going to rise from the ashes, and it is a LOT of fun.

I encourage your feedback. Feel free to check out my website and/or send an email.



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