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I started driving the byb out of my love of operating large vehicles and as a public service before formal retirement set in. Today, I am not only a byb driver, which I love doing, but a behind-the-wheel trainer of future byb drivers seeking their commercial driver's license as well as a safety instructor. I have also become a fan of school discipline techniques and have read many learned articles on the subject. For myself, I need to know why something is the way it is in order to learn it.
My primary goal was helping more byb drivers continue driving. I've seen excellent drivers quit out of frustration with student discipline issues and compensation. It bothered me to see such good people give up. Often key points of how to do something and why you should not do something else were to blame. I saw a need to publish a real world how to book about managing students aboard the byb. Again, driving is the easy part, dealing effectively with student discipline, school administrators, parental development and bus managers were the real world challenges. Real world challenges that were quiet honestly rarely addressed until this book.
After the first week of driving the byb I became aware of the real learning curve for new drivers. Especially when dealing effectively with students, parents and school administrators. Drawing from my professional background in continuous process and quality improvement coupled with years of training adults on complex processes this book presents usable and important strategies that solve many issues facing byb drivers on a daily basis.
Moreover, I immediately recognized informational and application short-comings of typical byb driver training that failed to focus on real world strategies and examples of dealing effectively with student discipline today. This book came about to help new byb drivers become not only successful but a happy byb driver. This book will fast-forward your skills and remove a lot of the pain and suffering from trial and error learning. It should also lift your morale and address the looming issue of poor compensation given all the physical and mental skills required to safely transport the “precious cargo.”
To my knowledge this is the only book that discusses real world issues using case examples then explains why you should do this and not something else when managing student discipline in today's public schools. Teaching adults the why's and wherefores are critical to understanding. To this end the book was crafted to be both readable and informative.
In summary, be proactive not reactive. The fundamentals of organization, consistency and fairness create an environment aboard the byb that will keep students safe and following the rules way more often than not. And do ask for help from the school and parents. Don't be fearful that someone may not immediately respond to your request for help. School principals are over loaded. Whatever you do, don't give up.


The Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver
Price: Free! Words: 37,930. Language: English. Published: January 12, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Career Guides » Education, Nonfiction » Career Guides » Transportation
Strategies presented in the Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver will improve discipline, reduce referrals, increase safety, increase parental involvement and improve both the recruiting and the retention of school bus drivers. Everyone having an interest in public education should read the Real World Big Yellow Bus Driver.

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