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  • Magick Marked on May 25, 2013
    (no rating)
    What a great book, cant say i have read a better one as of late.I can not wait for the second book to go into my collection. The author has taken the worlds of vampires, werewolves, witches, shifters, fae and mixed them so tightly together. The book explodes with so many different things at the end you can not possibly wait to read the next in the series. Who will live who will die and what will happen to the forsaken lovers that have already faced so much that any more may actually take their very souls. Wow is about all i can say! great book great read. given to me on library thing for review!!
  • Little Red Riding Hood and the Secret Cookie Recipe: A Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mystery #3 on Aug. 04, 2013
    (no rating)
    This review is from: Little Red Riding Hood and the Secret Cookie Recipe: A Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mystery #3 (Kindle Edition) I did not realize this was a series and now I want to read them all. The book never took on that series feel I never had to wonder where this came form or that was going. Even the ending was great no true moments of wonder I felt like this book took on a great challenge to get me to read a crime book but it was awesome. There is plenty of thriller and hold your breath moments and even made me daydream the scenes in my head as I read and that not an easy job. Truly loved this book would recommend to anyone over 12 only due to minor graphic scenes of violence which are less violent than most kids see on TV. given copy for honest review. Honestly I truly loved it.
  • Dead Quarantine on Aug. 15, 2013

    Great short read about a Flu virus that turns most people into the walking dead. Lots of typos in this book and at some points a bit too much basic information. The story takes on two separate characters at two different places at the same time. One is a boy that has been a bit of a loner his entire life after taking up the friendship of an outsider. The other is a girl that is the Preppy or Yuppy girl and believes shes not that cold until she starts seeing herself in another light. The end of the story leaves a lot of openness for a second book and gives you a snip-it of a secondary character that seems to be coming back into the 2nd book. Given for review, Recommended to ages 12 and up
  • Evan Burl and the Falling on Sep. 03, 2013
    (no rating)
    This was a good read but keeping it straight is not easily done. I could not sit down in one setting and read this book therefore i had to keep going back and forth to figure out where I was along with the characters in the book. If you have an open mind and great imaginiation this book will take you to a brand new place. It is very detailed and will keep you guessing.
  • Across Eternity on Sep. 05, 2013

    I have read many books but have yet to find one that left me in such a tearful way. The book is about a man that believes in true love at its finest and made a promise to find his. The courage, strength and will power of one man will take you for a ride you could never imagine. Thought and emotional provoking within yourself as you read this book. No real twists or turns but deffinite ending that will leave you begging for some thing more. I truly loved this book and will be looking for more from this author.
  • Seduced by Innocence (The Seduced Saga, Book 1 of Rose's Trilogy) on Oct. 12, 2013

    A powerful story involving family, trust and mistrust. Love, where the heart lives and dies. Alliances, truth or false, friend or foe. great read. has a little bit of everything one could need for a great book
  • Outpost on Dec. 13, 2013
    (no rating)
    This is a short horror story. I love to fish but now I wonder about bringing in that big one. Good quick read. Enough to make you go hmmmm!
  • The Demon Warrior's Light on Dec. 20, 2013
    (no rating)
    in a different world where zombies and souls are the norm this story takes you on a journey you could not imagine. This is NOT a love story though it will catch your heart a few times. When her world is torn upside down by law and then takes a turn she never imagined! she gives it her all for her old and new family! this book has it all Zombies, Ghouls, ninjas, casters etc. the author mixed them all together and made it work. I could not put this book down. If your looking for a new read this is a great choice!!
  • AfterZoe on Dec. 30, 2013

    This story is about a woman who in life is very unhappy and unsure about everything about her just living her life as an existance and nothing more. When she dies nothing seems to be what she expected and now they want to take what little memories she does have. Will she or wontshe just dive into the happiness that awaits her or will she go against the rules for what she wanted when she lived. What about those she left behind and those that should be here? where will she take her next step and is it even real? Pretty good book that takes a look at a new concept on heaven and what it could really be!
  • Awaken, Book One in the Fated Saga Fantasy Series on Jan. 14, 2014

    The first half of this book had be going ok where is the magic! but as I kept reading I could not find myself putting the book down and have now bought book 2 planning on starting it shortly! I have truly found a new saga I love!! I would reccomned this read to just about any age but mostly for those looking for a change of pace with twist of old and new magic, good vs evil and Family!
  • Phantasy on Jan. 19, 2014

    This book was confusing from the get go. I never understood anything other than some kid ranting about how bad his life was. Whom ever proofread this book needs to be fired there are so many typos it was unreal and if they were not typos well you get the gist of it. I do not like giving bad reviews so I will say maybe somewhere I missed something!
  • Zombie Games (Origins) on Jan. 19, 2014

    I love zombie and post apapcolyptic tales. This was great story. The main character is a run of the mill girl with the usual problems at school. There are no magic powers or special effects here just plain old life or death and the determination to survive. Once you read this book I am sure you could look around your own tree of friends and family, naming who would play each character. This one was so good I read it all the way through only putting it down when I had too! cant wait to start reading this authors other books in this series!
  • Blood Bites: Three Vampire Tales on Jan. 19, 2014
    (no rating)
    I love stories I can read in a day! These three pretty short stories are of course about vampires and each one is seperate from the others. Each one is is different and unique in its own way. Each one was written by a different author and gives you plenty of information at the end of each story to look up the author when you are done!!
  • Growl on Jan. 19, 2014
    (no rating)
    I am an adult reader of YA and I truly loved this book, The main character is just a girl that is blacklisted as a freak of nature. What would you do if everything and everyone you knew either hated you, feared you, or wanted you for what you could do. The main character has never been loved or touched by others and is an outsider to say the least. When her temper flies it truly hits the fan. It makes a mess of her life and makes her decide between life as a freak or death! a must read for YA fans!!
  • Falken's Woods on March 23, 2014

    This YA book is a bit different in the fact that it allows you to follow a girl who thought of life as what was there and what was not. After a great loss in her life, she learns to move on with the help of total strangers she now knows as family and friends. Far away from the place she has called home in a country setting is a city girl who has to relearn how to live her life, what she plans on doing and how she is going to do it with eyes wide open in a brand new world! She must also decide what is real and what is not in the midst of the forrest she is becoming so familiar with.great read, great lessons to be learned here.
  • The Tube Riders (Tube Riders Trilogy #1) on March 31, 2014

    Though this book is a bit on the long side it is very interesting and will keep you reading. The story is about a group of kids that are called Tube Riders, basically they are train jumpers for adrenaline rush of it. The story is based in the future Britain or Mega Britain. The main characters are simple kids or young adults that are just trying to survive in the new world made for them by a sadistic ruler that turns normal people into gene altered or scientifically altered creatures of ones nightmares. As the author stated in reference to the creatures sometimes death is better, sometimes death is a release. When the kids find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time not only do their lives forever change but so does the world around them. The group finds themselves challenged in every possible way and then some. The courage and skill the group has will be challenged, forced and even broken at times. They must find a way to survive and they must find help. Who lives and who dies won’t tell you but this definitely not a normal read. I loved this book and intend to read on into the next book. The author truly gave this read a new feel and new way to look at what you thought about the changes of the world. Really good read would recommend this to anyone over 14, only because of gore feature.
  • Fast Wide Open on April 05, 2014

    This is not your usual picture book. This book has pictures taken of everyday things that get you to stop and think about them. Truly loved the pic of Smith Tower, it looks so foreign and yet it is right here in my back yard. I do not think I will ever look at normal things again the same way. there is a beauty in these pictures that only the authors mind can show us. Once again Justin Blaney takes the normal out of everyday life and gives it a meaning that was never there before. Way to go Justin, I never thought I could really like a picture book!!
  • The Island (The Island Series #1) on June 19, 2014

    it was a bit ahrd for me to get back into the book once the references to luke skywalker and his crew came up but this is another read of what could really happen. The end explains everything and makes it truly worth reading. Very suprised I like this book.
  • Vicarious Fate (Flash Fiction / Short Story) on June 19, 2014

    its a cross of frankenstein, zombies and weird creatures not quite human. This story is short enough you can get through it but I would have prefered to know more about the main character it only gives hints of who or what he is!
  • Deviations on June 19, 2014

    This story will pull at every emotion you have and then some. It takes a person who has been hurt and truly knows pain to understand this book. The ending is left a bit open but it truly is like no other. You will not read another book quite like this one and as many books as I have read that says a lot. Sometimes it takes not knowing and fear to make you do some of the things you would never be able to do without them. Sometimes love prevails even if it is not what you wanted or expected in the end but not all stories have a great ending even if the ending costs us more than we expected in the beginning