Leah St. James


Leah's passion for the written word began with a love of reading. As a child, she spent most of her free time tucked away in a quiet corner with a mystery or suspense novel in hand, devouring the pages until her eyes burned with fatigue. Eventually that joy of reading turned to writing, first simple poetry, then newsletters and articles, and finally, as a mother of a growing family, to fiction.

Her love of a good romance goes way back too, and some element of a love story finds its way into most of her stories. Over the years, though, that focus has shifted from simple romance to an exploration of the deepest of human emotions—love and hate, bravery and cowardice, joy and despair—and how we, as human beings, relate to each other. Her greatest hope is to touch her readers' hearts, to give them something to ponder and question, and to express the redeeming power of love.

Married with two grown sons, Leah is a native of the beautiful Central Jersey Shore but now enjoys the peace and quiet of Virginia's Hampton Roads.

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