Lee Baldwin


Lee Baldwin’s family has roots back to the beginning of the United States. His mother's family, the Williams, date themselves from the Mayflower; the Baldwins from the Martin, the second boat into Plymouth Rock. His great-great-grandmother Bradley was born a princess in the Iroquois Nation. Great-grandpa Bradley had some real stories; he grew up with a gun on his hip. His brother, Wild Bill Bradley, was an Indian fighter, an outlaw and a lawman in late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; both lived into their late-nineties. Lee grew up on a liberal diet of family stories, (some apocryphal) from all directions, Williams, Baldwins, and Bradleys. Is it any wonder he has to write?
He is a retired peace officer from Contra Costa County, California, June 1, 1995. He married the former Phyllis Sharp and has two children from a previous marriage, Larry, and Lacey, and two from Phyllis' previous marriage. He often drives a 1965 Austin Healey 3000 Mark III that he restored.

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