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  • Dream Lover: A Wife's Secrets Revealed (Erotica / Erotic Romance / Menage / Threesome / Bisexual) on July 26, 2011

    This was confusing. I didn't know who was doing who. And some of the descriptions were a big turn-off. Slimy cream sounds gross.
  • Window Treatment on July 31, 2011

    Like another reviewer said, this is kind of vanilla, but I think that's why I liked it. It was easy to read, and very tasteful.
  • Eternal on July 31, 2011

    I have never read a story like this before. I am surprised by how much it touched me.
  • Closer on Aug. 01, 2011

    Pretty hot for such a short book. One of many books I got for free. Better than some of the books I read that were this short. Would be upset if I paid money for something that ended so fast. But it was still hot.
  • Perspectives of Love on Aug. 01, 2011

    First erotic book that ever made me cry. This is beautiful.
  • A Bed of Thorns and Roses: A Gilded Age Beauty and the Beast Romance on Aug. 09, 2011

    So glad I moved this to the front of my reading list. I have not read a good romance like this in a long time. I was surprised at how fast it was to read. I love these characters. This is a very moving story. Five stars for sure.
  • Blindfold on Aug. 09, 2011

    I'm giving this five stars but only because I got it for free in a sale a few weeks ago. It's too short to pay for, but its very sensual.
  • At Risk on Aug. 09, 2011

    A very good book. If you like mysteries, you'll like this. I plan to read more Kit Ehrman. I just got into reading mysteries lately and this is one of the better ones I've read.
  • The New Girl Who Found A Dead Body on Aug. 13, 2011

    I really liked this, a lot. I couldn't put it down. It was scary, mysterious, and also a lot of fun. I won't say much more because I am always afraid I'll accidentally write a spoiler. This is really good.
  • The Erotica Anthology on Aug. 13, 2011

    This is pretty good. There were parts where I think it moved too quickly. It was very interesting and not for the erotic parts. The stories were fun. I expected them to be sexier. But still it was overall really a fun read.
  • Curtains For Two on Aug. 13, 2011

    I don't agree with the other review that this was dreadful. I like stories about masturbation, I guess. :) Like a lot of books I review here, I got them for free. I am very, very surprised that so many people think you should charge money for something so short. A dollar is a dollar! I can buy full size novels at Amazon for that. I would not recommend paying for this. If it was longer, then maybe. But I still liked it. I like how the author talks about how much he likes "playing."
  • Over A Hamburger on Aug. 13, 2011

    It was okay. Hard to get attached to a story this short. But it was kind of fun and I would like to know what happened later.
  • Not With A Whisper... on Aug. 13, 2011

    This is one of only a few books I got for free during a special that I think I should have paid for. I will buy something from this author in the future. :) Nice book length. The story was good and I couldn't put it down. Would say more but don't want to spoil anything. Very good. I would read more from this author for sure.
  • Sistienn on Sep. 11, 2011

    A three star book. It was okay. Not what I expected, just kind of okay.
  • Wings on Sep. 16, 2011

    Okay as a free read.
  • Step Dad Likes to Watch on Sep. 20, 2011

    This was okay. Kind of hot, but it was missing something.
  • Brianna on Sep. 20, 2011

    I had higher hopes for this boring book. The worst line was "It makes a serious impact on me somewhere deep. I feel unbelievably erotic." Did a robot write this? Most of the book sounds just like this. It's very boring. Another bad one is "Oh, I realize happily, I am definitely loving this!" There is nothing interesting here.
  • Tit for Tat on Sep. 20, 2011

    This is a good book! I also loved the samples in the back. Very sexy from start to finish.
  • From Bitter to Sweet on Sep. 20, 2011

    I loved this little story! It's different and original. And I'm so glad it was here to read for free. I am now craving chocolate, and someone to eat it with.
  • Seducing the Sheriff (The Dare Club: Dare #2) on Oct. 13, 2011

    I know better than to expect much from a short story, so I will not judge this book based on its length. I found it disappointing that the story was very interesting until the sex started. The set up was great. The whole book seems really well written. But the sex was boring as hell. The set up almost seems wasted on a short little erotic book like this. Also, the dialog was stilted and not much fun. To Ms. Cherry Fine - I'm no expert, but the beginning of this book could be the perfect beginning of a different novel. A thriller? Crime fiction? Instead of them hooking up and having bland sex, she could go crazy and kill the cop? I never write a review like this. I think you are a great writer. I just found nothing erotic about this book I found in the erotica section, but I very much enjoyed your writing.
  • Crazy Emma on Oct. 13, 2011

    A surprisingly hot little book for so few words! I read it twice. Bravo!
  • Safe With Me on Nov. 07, 2011

    I started to read this because I love erotica but I stayed around for the plot. I've never seen a story like this before. Brilliant.