Robert Murray


Born in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Robert C. Murray spent his childhood exploring every corner of his parents' yard, inventing worlds from the shrubs and stones. When not outside or ankle-deep in Lego bricks (more worlds to invent), he had his nose in a book: fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, even the occasional romp through the dictionary. Words and language and people fascinated him, and the primal urge to write was likewise there. Much like Hemingway, he used a toy typewriter (and his cub reporter sister) to put out "The Murray Times" to keep the house abreast of the news of the day. He also religiously kept a journal chronicling his life from the time he was 13 until his high school graduation.
Rob has published a collection of short stories that are in some fantastically twisted way a memoir of his early 20's, and he has published a collection of poems that could very well be considered the spiritual sequel to those short stories. His first published novel was completed as a challenge to himself to complete asome long-form non Sci Fi fiction. Currently working on a children's book, a young-adult illustrated horror book, his first true SF novel series, a play, and as many poems as he has ink to record, whenever Rob isn't writing he's either volunteering with the opera ensemble he helped found, playing his trumpet in a pit band, working on a painting, or commuting to/from his full-time job in Washington, DC. Though he counts his time with his gorgeous wife and their dog as precious, he is available for interviews and appearances.

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