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Smashwords book reviews by Leiah Cooper

  • Deadville on April 21, 2012

    I still say that some of the free books on smashwords are by some of the best new authors out there. This is absolutely one of those books. You can read about the book in different places, but I just want to say that Ms. Daniels is on eof those great new authors that has been added to my "purchase as soon as something comes out!" list!
  • Black Silk on April 26, 2012

    I have had a lot of financial problems lately with having cancer and LOTS of bills (no insurance) and the freebies have been great. Some are good, some not so good, some are just flat excellent. Black silk is a lovely little romance (299 pages) with a paranormal bent and very good character development. Both main characters are highly likable, which is something I really appreciate. Ms Gordon's editing skills are good, which is important to me, and her writing style is also good. A few more books, and her slight stiffness of writing style should smooth out. She has a great deal of potential as a writer, and I will spend time watching for her next book. At least, I hope she is going to write another. her world-building is good, with the change being more magic than "ripping muscles and breaking bones" like a lot of other of the were stories. While I like those too, this way of changing is much more beautiful, and not as frightening to someone (the female lead) who is a gentle soul. Overall, 4.75, the 5 for true will come when the slight stiffness in writing tone smooths out. Good job, Ms. Gordon!
  • Wolf Games on April 29, 2012

    So, I tried really hard to read it, but couldn't get into it. This is a game? A video game, or what? You go into a tank and make believe you are a wolf? There are a lot of good books out there on Smashwords. Try this, maybe you will like it and I just didn't 'get' it, but I was bored 10 pages in and couldn't continue.
  • Swamp Familiars on April 29, 2012

    This is an interesting concept. I am good about downloading and checking out new books by unknown authors. I have been very pleased with some, and it seems this will be one that I will give more time to. The idea seems sound, the writing in this very very short bit seems sound. Only four stars for not really being anything other than the opening, as Cassie said, but we will see if continued works earn a five.
  • Chance Encounter on April 29, 2012

    This is a nice little introduction to what is apparently a longer book. Apparently a meld of old Norse mythology and the modern werewolf tale. The role of women as slaves is, however, not something I am up to stomaching, though the lead character seems to want to change that. Maybe I will read it later, but if you like were's and mythology, this seems an unusual take on the standard were tale, and is probably well worth the read.
  • Saving Grace on June 20, 2013

    Saving Grace (Serve and Protect Series) Saving Grace was a surprise to me. When I have read other 'romantic thrillers' I have usually found them not so much about the thriller as the romance, with sometimes sketchy effect. This little novel was different. It did do the romance, but it was heavy on the thriller, which suits my particular tastes. What I felt was a great deal of respect for the author. Grace and Ray have been married for nearly five years. But what they don't know about each other could fill volumes. In the end, while the thriller and romance writing was very good, what really impressed me is how well Norah explored the manner in which people can live together, love one another, and yet know next to nothing about who each person truly is. While Grace and Ray are on the run, as well described in other reviews, what I found the most interesting about her writing is how she took two people and opened them up to the reader, telling a story of how we can build a shadow life for ourselves, living within a mythical self-portrait – and how that shadow life can nearly destroy both you and the people you love. Another thing I liked very much about the story, in this same vein, is the growth of Grace as a person as she began to walk out of that shadow and find herself as a person. Very cool. In the long run, Grace saved Ray as much as he saved her. Nice! The amnesia portion of the book is well researched and realistic, unlike other books that plunge into the murky waters of the far-from-common total amnesia, Norah handles the situation with an extremely deft hand. Overall, this book was a very nice way to fill a few hours. The characters are highly believable, the story line interesting and not overdone. If you like romances, light thrillers, and books that allow you to see a great deal of personal development in the characters, you can't go wrong with “Saving Grace.” Recommended.