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  • Moonpennies on Aug. 26, 2013

    The world comes together in a really unique way. You paint it one way, but it never really is what you think it's going to be. That's not to say it's a bad thing… This is the story of love and crushes and all the things in-between. It's a girl’s night in - savored best over a swirl of vino and confessions of the heart. We have all been there, caught between ideas, dreams and reality. We have all tried to flip things inside out, to make sense of this emotion called love. "This is how it goes: You open your heart to one person, who has been fucked up by someone before you, who then pays it forward as part of the diagnosis, fulfilling a twisted destiny and sealing the fate your mother foresaw sixteen years ago. You become a guarded, disillusioned, self-psycho-analyzing mess and inadvertently pass the torch along to the next blindly entering club member." It bubbles around the inner turmoil of trying to make sense of it all. We all know this dance, this side step towards ignorance, and the bold front step of trying to make sense of something as irrational as love. True to the subject matter this book is much like love. It's witty, charming, cutesy, emo, chancy and truthful. The writing style is engaging, chirpy, cheeky and flavorsome. Sure it has its matter-of-fact broody hormonal spots. Such is life. There's the whirlwind of awwwww moments that we wish we had - and somehow magically kill in upon manifestation. And then there are the aches, twists, and awkward silent moments. No matter your take on the subject matter - you're drawn to it: eternally hopeful, eager, and in love with the idea of love. That's the magnetism of it all.