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Smashwords book reviews by lenushiiik

  • The Lightning Conjurer: The Awakening on Aug. 24, 2020

    A fine read, captivating enough to hook me up for the next book in the series. Aspen has no memories of her past, no ID, no real family. When her abilities suddenly awake, she is both terrified and curious - and wants answers. The more, the better. Who are her parents? How did she come to the extraordinary skills? And what kind of people are in the Order that is putting so much effort into recruiting her into their ranks? The more questions she has, the more determined she is to get the answers at any cost - and the more danger she founds herself in. I really liked the premise of the book and the way the elemental powers system works, yet I suffered sometimes from feeling like being overwhelmed by cliches. With the powers, with the main plot twists, partially with the characters. There is certain charm on skill in the way how can one put the cliche on the pages, carefully distinguishing the stereotype as an illusion, putting it behind a veil of storytelling. This was mostly the case here as well, though there were parts where I really felt the stereotypes showing up, flattening the otherwise great reading experience. Nevertheless I did not lose any motivation to continue with Aspen & Aiden's story, and now that their ways are actually parting, it becomes all the more interesting.
  • The Lightning Conjurer: The Enlightening on Aug. 24, 2020

    After being separated from Aiden and her grandma, Aspen follows the road to the city of her childhood, finding many surprises and unexpected revelations alongside meeting one of the people she never expected to see. Moreover, as her powers increase, it seems flashes of her memories are coming back. But the Order does not sleep in the meanwhile, and Savannah is determined to get the Pentamancer to swear allegiance to the Asterians. Only, who has the bigger leverage now? I truly love how Aspen/Rowan's story develops in the second installment. I felt much more connected to the story and it's characters than in book one, and only rarely came across a moment when I felt odd or awkward. Getting to know the main characters more is bringing them closer to my heart, making me feel as if I lived the story alongside them. Their actions and decisions are more understandable in the light of new information, and they show great strength in many mundane ways - accepting the other's faults, willingness to apologize or forgive, showing kindness and mercy when anger offers the brute force as a solution. Now with Aspen being put into unprecedented situation, I would love to see how she will deal with it.