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  • Threaded Through Time, Book One on Sep. 02, 2011

    It’s the year 2010 and Pam and her best friend and roommate Robin are currently sharing Pam’s house that had belonged to her family. Robin and Pam are quite different, one might say chalk and cheese. Robin is twenty six, an older university student and is a lesbian. She loves playing games on the internet. Pam is the same age, in to meditation and mystical things and is straight. In the year 1910, Margaret lives at home with her parents and is about to become engaged to Jasper. A man she likes and respects but does not love. On the day that Jasper is proposing, Margaret and Jasper suddenly find themselves facing a strange woman, Pam and the year is 2010. Pam had been reading a rhyme from a book she had picked up earlier titled Magical Moon Rhymes For All Times, when two strangers appeared from no where in front of her. What does this mean? Are Margaret and Jasper stuck in 2010? When Robin appears in answer to Pam’s frantic calls, the four people try to make sense of what has occurred. When it becomes apparent that Margaret and Jasper have travelled through time, Pam has to find a way to get them back to 1910. They find out that they have to wait a month until the next lunar cycle for the rhyme to work. During this month, Pam and Jasper fall in love. Unknown to them at the time, Robin and Margaret have also fallen in love. How can each couple bear to be parted? But they know they must. Heart breaking as it is, they dare not try to alter time. This is a lovely well written book of timeless forbidden love. The story goes between 1910 and 2010 with ease and is set in Canada. The four characters interact really well together after they got to know each other and to learn to trust. This is the first book in a series and has got off to an excellent start. Once started I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough... I can’t wait to see which path Sarah is going to have these characters follow. I hope the sequel isn’t too long in being published.
  • Intrigued By First Sight on July 09, 2012

    Freshman, Honey Elizabeth, is studying Child Study, she is determined to do well and to become a teacher. Honey lives with her best friend Jean in apartment neither woman can really afford. Jackie Miller is a freshman and she has her sights set on being a Police Officer. She meets Honey in a composition class. For Jackie, the world spins. Jackie knows right away that Honey is ‘the one’. The one who will change her life forever. The one she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Jackie has never felt this way about any one before. But will she persuade Honey to go out on a date with her? The answer is yes. Honey and Jackie embark on the first stage of their ‘together forever’ journey. But to be able to stay together, Jackie has to let go of her past. A past that has been filled with sadness and violence. Will she be able to? Although madly in love with Jackie, will Honey be able to accept Jackie’s turbulent and violent past? This book is set a few years in to the future. I’m not sure that’s it’s quite far enough though for the story to be believable. But as the book is purely fiction and if you are not looking for a ‘true to reality’ book, I believe you will really enjoy the storyline. There is a lot packed in to this book. Adventure, red hot steaming romance, jealousy, stalking, kidnapping, twists, turns and ups and downs all the way through, keeping the reader frantically turning the pages to find out what happens next. Honey and Jackie are both loveable characters and easy to get to know. They are backed up by a strong cast of supporting characters, some nice and some you just love to hate. All are essential in progressing the story forward to it’s untimely ending. I say untimely, because I didn’t expect the book to end so soon and I wanted more. The ending has left an opening for a sequel, which according to the blurb at the back of the book, is in hand. Just one point I would like to make, there are a few typos and grammatical errors. They were not enough to detract from the story, but I know this will bother some readers. I’m looking forward to reading more from Erin Miller in the future.
  • Reapers, Inc. - The Hunter on Sep. 01, 2012

    Brigit Malone has been dead for five years now. She’s been employed at Reapers Inc for the whole time. Originally Brigit had joined Reapers Inc so that she could keep her promise to her beloved Maggie, to always be there for her. Maggie is moving on with her life now though. Five years is a long time to be alone and Maggie has another love in her life, she’s asked Brigit to let her go. Brigit has no choice. She can’t deny Maggie her happiness. It breaks Brigit’s heart, but she must let her go. She throws herself in to her role of Assistant Grim Reaper. She has to keep busy, she can’t keep dwelling on Maggie. The Reapers have been busy reaping and expanding the firm worldwide. The Head Grim Reaper, John Blackwick, feels in need of a vacation. This means Brigit stepping up to take over as Head Reaper. She chooses Katuri-Buttercup, the Reaper in charge of dangerous cases as her assistant. Unfortunately, Katuri-Buttercup disappears while on an assignment. Brigit is in a race against time to find the small woman. In her search, Brigit comes across the ghost town of Alpina. A town where Reapers Inc used to have a satellite office, until the reaper in charge disappeared years earlier. Brigit meets a ghostly hunter, Kit James, out to avenge the death of his brother, Lenny at the hand of Ned Cadoc. The whole town is turning in to a battle field. Brigit is not pleased to find the hunter is responsible for Katuri-Buttercup’s disappearance into Limbo. She’s faced with two choices. Cross the hunter over to his final judgement or recruit him as the Reaper in charge of dangerous cases. Which will she choose? Another absolutely spellbinding, page turning, adventure with Brigit and her band of Reapers. Just when I thought this series couldn’t get any better, so I’m proved wrong. A lot of this book is set in the wild west. I’m a sucker for any book set in this period of time. The new characters B.L Newport has introduced fit in nicely with the rest of the characters and progress the story along to yet another climatic ending. The storyline is exciting and thrilling. I’ve been glued non stop to the whole series. I am hoping there will be more books in this series. The Reapers have a lot more to say. As far as I’m concerned, this series could go on endlessly. I would at least like to see Brigit happy again, with or without Maggie. The whole series is a definite re-read for me.
  • The Assassin's Bargain on Dec. 01, 2012

    Phaedra Humphrey is an Intimate assassin. After twenty years of doing the job, she’s become disillusioned and decides to retire. But simply walking away from the job, is not an option. Phaedra makes a bargain with her boss, Joy Oh, but will Joy uphold the bargain? Joy has been in love with Phaedra for years and has tried every trick in the book to seduce her and not succeeded. She is going to try one last time before Phaedra walks out of her life forever, if she lets her walk out! Phaedra’s bargain with Joy is to train her replacement, Petra Brighton, in return for being able to walk away from Professional Personnel Services (PPS) and to retire with no strings attached. What Phaedra and Joy couldn’t predict, is that Phaedra and Petra would fall in love with one another. This creates a huge problem and could ultimately result in both women getting killed. When Joy suspects Phaedra and Petra of being intimate, she takes out a contract to kill Phaedra using the one person who she suspects will not be able to carry out the task. Will Phaedra escape death? Phaedra has to learn to put her trust in others, but will she be able to after years of trusting no one but herself? Will she be able to remain in control enough to protect herself and the woman she loves more than her own life? A wonderful, well written, refreshingly new story unlike anything I’ve read before. I love B.L Newport’s Reapers Inc series and I wondered how I would like something entirely different. I needn’t have worried, this book is equally as good as all her others. This story is a page turner from the first page right through to the last page. B.L Newport’s storytelling is varied and diverse. Her writing is an easy and comfortable read. All the characters are fully formed, well fleshed out and multidimensional. Each character is essential to the progression of the story and they all interact really well together. The story starts off by telling us the background of how PPS was formed and who started the company up. So often these things are left to our imagination in books. We see how each character fits into the story and the part they play. Phaedra and Petra are so obviously made for each other and meant to be together. Both women fight their attraction in the knowledge that they can never have a relationship. I enjoyed seeing the path they took to fulfil their dreams. As well as the tension and excitement of the story, there are a few nice hot romantic scenes to lighten it up. The scenic descriptions were so good, I could easily immerse myself in the story and imagine I was there amongst the characters as the story played out. I would love to see a sequel or even a short story to let us know how everything turned out with Phaedra’s retirement from the PPS and how she coped with life after being an assassin for so long. With each book I read from B.L Newport, I can see her growth as a writer shining through. That’s not to say her earlier books are not good, they are wonderful. She is a master storyteller. A credit to her craft. I’m looking forward to B.L Newport’s next book with eager anticipation. Hopefully, another in the Reapers Inc series. But really, after this book, simply ANY book will be welcome.
  • All That Glitters on Dec. 01, 2012

    The day Alexis Vlodosky moves into her new home in Coastal Breeze, Florida, is the day she meets Michelle Murphy. Michelle loses control of her battered skateboard and runs right into a pile of cardboard boxes. Eighth graders Alexis and Michelle become firm friends from that day onwards. Alexis is the daughter of a Jewish father. They moved from New York City, New York to Florida to start afresh, after her lawyer father had business problems. Alexis has one younger brother, autistic Dougie. Michelle is the only daughter of a single alcoholic, man eating, mother, Angela. The different men coming in and out of their home causes no end of trouble between mother and daughter. Angela professes to want the best for Michelle and pushes her way beyond her limits. It’s no wonder Michelle escapes to be with Alexis so much. As Alexis and Michelle grow close, they begin to question the normality of their relationship. When the rumors start around school, Michelle disowns Alexis in favor of the ‘in’ crowd, breaking her heart in the process. Deep down Michelle knew she was in the wrong, but it didn’t stop her joining in with the rest of the bullies in making Alexis’s life a misery. Michelle lives for the day she can escape from Coastal Breeze. Ten years later, Michelle has become a big name in the pop world. She’s on the verge of becoming a huge name. Michelle hasn’t returned to Coastal Breeze in quite sometime, then she gets a call, her mother has been injured in a car accident. She reluctantly returns. Michelle is in a faux relationship with a closeted gay actor, Tyler. She is struggling with her own sexuality. It suits both of them to be together in name only. But both Michelle and Tyler are getting restless. They both want more out of life. How much longer will Michelle or Tyler allow the farce to go on? When Michelle bumps into registrar Alexis Vlodosky at the hospital while visiting her mother, the memories that have been simmering away in both women for ten years surface and erupt. They spend one night together and realize they love each other more than ever. But what will Michelle do? She has to make a decision. If she listens to her agent, she will end up right back in the closet. Will Michelle break Alexis’s heart yet again? This is Ashley Quinn’s debut book. I would never have known from her excellent writing. The lay out, editing, dialogue, scenic descriptions, are really well done. The main characters are multi layered, they interact well with the lesser characters and each plays hers or his part to perfection and is essential in progressing the story forward. I love these characters, it was so easy to feel they were personal friends and just lose myself amongst them. The story covers a lot of ground. School, teenage years, bullying, first love, finding ones sexuality, coming out, everyday life, the pop world, drug abuse, forgiveness and lots of other things that make this book a veritable page turner from the first page right the way through to the last. The story begins with Alexis and Michelle’s first meeting and goes between the past and the present throughout the rest of the book. It’s easy to keep up with the story though. Easy to see also, that all that glitters isn’t gold. I am eagerly looking forward to reading more from Ashley Quinn. Her debut book says to me, that she has the ability to go far with her writing in the lesfic world
  • Miserere on Feb. 01, 2013

    It’s 1968, ten year old Connemara Mitchell, (Conn) and her family are forced to move to West Virginia, her mother’s hometown, when her father is reported missing in action in Vietnam. Her grandmother’s old home has been neglected and is run down. It needs a lot of work to make it habitable. The house is holding untold secrets of previous occupants. Secrets of forbidden love and of times long past and forgotten. Conn has no way of knowing that she is the chosen one. The one selected to take on the task of solving the mystery surrounding her Irish ancestor, Caitriona Ni Faolain. Caitriona vanished without a trace just after the civil war. At the heart of the mystery is a very real and virulent curse that has taken it’s toll on Conn’s family for over one hundred years. Why has Conn been chosen to solve this mystery after all these years? What is so special about her? Conn begins to have dreams and Caitriona appears to her. With each dream the mystery begins to unravel a little bit more. But will Conn be able to solve it? This book is quite simply a masterpiece. Caren Werlinger is without a doubt, a master storyteller. The book is extremely well written and edited. It’s a page turner from start to finish. The story begins in Ireland around the time of the great potato famine when people were literally starving to death. It goes between the past and the present seamlessly in an easy to follow dialogue. This is a rollercoaster ride of tumultuous emotions that radiates from the pages in waves. Caitriona’s story continues on through and beyond the civil war when it stops abruptly, until Conn is chosen to reveal Caitriona’s secrets. I really liked the way this book was laid out. It’s actually two stories rolled into one. But the stories are linked together by one person. The person needing redemption. It’s obvious that an enormous amount of research has been done in order to accurately portray the history of the times. The scenic descriptions enabled me to totally lose myself in the story so I was living it with the characters. The characters themselves were well formed and multidimensional. Each and every one of them played their parts to perfection in order to progress this story through to it’s dramatic conclusion. The fact that the main character is a ten year old child, (going on twenty) is just right. A really good decision of Caren Werlinger’s. There is a lot more to this book than the actual story from a historical point of view. The time span gives glimpses into how people lived in times gone by. From Ireland to the Vietnam war and beyond. This is quite honestly one of the best historical lesbian fiction books I’ve read for a long while. I will be adding it to my list of books to re-read.
  • In This Small Spot on June 02, 2013

    After the death of her beloved partner, Doctor Michele Stewart finds herself looking for a way out of her meaningless life without Alice in it. There has to be something she can do, but what? After some serious soul searching, Michele finally decides to become a nun. She will dedicate her life to God, prayer and all things spiritual. Michele’s family and friends are convinced that she’s running away from her previous life because she can’t live without Alice. Michele’s decision to become a nun allows her to finally discover her true self. She no longer has her career, wealth or any of her former possessions, but she is surrounded by love and and inner peace. Unfortunately, Michele’s inner peace doesn’t last long when troubles and woe from the outside world come crashing in upon her. Michele now has many more demons to confront, including finding herself in love. A forbidden love that will result in her having to leave her safe haven if she acts up on it. Tormented beyond reason, Michele must decide where she belongs and with whom. As Michele struggles to come to a decision, she begins to understand Abbess Theodora’s warning. For better or worse. This is Caren Werlinger’s third published book. Just like it’s predecessors, I couldn’t put it down. The story is a well written page turner from the very first page through to it’s climatic and dramatic conclusion. Being perfectly honest, when I read the synopsis, my heart was in my mouth. I’m not at all religious and I really didn’t know how I was going to read what I thought was a book all about nuns, let alone write a review on it. Well, let me tell you, it was easy. You don’t have to be religious to read this heart felt, often at times, heart breaking story. Although the settings are mainly in the abbey, the story does go far beyond the abbey and religion. I don’t want to put in any spoilers, the synopsis is enough, so suffice it to say, that getting to know these characters was a privilege and an honor for me. Reading this story is likewise. There are lessons to be learnt in this story. It’s a story of great changes in the characters lives, the risks they take and most of all the costs involved in taking these risks. (I don’t mean monetary costs either). I won’t lie, the story isn’t a light hearted fluffy romance. There are plenty of those out there if that is what you are looking for. This is a thought provoking story which has left me a little breathless and stunned. A story, that several days after reading it, I’m still thinking about it and the wonderful characters as well. I will be putting this book in my re-read folder. It is a keeper and deserves multiple readings.
  • Neither Present Time on Oct. 06, 2013

    University librarian, Beryl Gray, is in a job in which she is seriously over qualified for, but enjoys doing. She also has a very low opinion of herself, thanks to outside interference. She’s the person everyone relies on. Work colleagues, friends, family and her partner Claire. Claire is a control freak. Unfortunately, others see this, but Beryl doesn’t. She thinks she’s happy in their eight year relationship. Until one day, Beryl finds out the truth about Claire. Aggie Bishop hasn’t been dating since her girlfriend left her three years previously. In fact, her life is one round of her work as a teacher and watching over her feisty, independent, great aunt Cory, who is active and in her nineties. Cory lived alone in the run down family mansion until Aggie moved in to be with her. The rest of the family want Cory put into a care facility and the mansion sold. Neither Cory or Aggie are about to let that happen. When Beryl comes across a book with an inscription in it from back in 1945, she is curious to find out who the two women were. Little does Beryl know that the acquisition of this book will change her life, and the as yet unmet, Cory’s and Aggie’s lives forever. It appears that not only a book, but a moldering mansion, and a love spanning decades and to eternity and beyond will have a huge impact in the lives of Cory, Beryl and Aggie. This book is an absolute page turner from start to finish. In my honest opinion, it is a blockbuster. The well written story seamlessly traverses the decades of time, going back and forth from past to present to give the reader all the relevant background on the characters and their stories. Central to the story is the Bishop mansion, a character in itself. I could feel the atmospheric warmth interspersed with cold radiating from the pages. The one thing that shone through in this story throughout the entire book, is that love is an all time consuming passion that will withstand almost anything, even death if your partner is your soul mate. Caren Werlinger is a terrific writer and a wonderful master storyteller. This book is full of love, happiness, sadness, even anger at times. To be able to feel the emotions of the characters when reading about them, means the author has got the dialogue just right. Aunt Cory, Beryl, Aggie, Ridley and all the secondary characters are multidimensional and so easy to get to know and love. I love the humor throughout too. It gives the story a light hearted touch just where it’s needed. There are two love stories entwined together in this book. One past and one present. It’s the effect that the past has on the present, that for me, was a joy to behold. This story will join the rest of Caren’s books in my re-read folder. I’m now looking forward to her next book eagerly.
  • Year of the Monsoon on Feb. 02, 2014

    Leisa Yeats has a good life.She has a loving family, her relationship with her wife of ten years, Nan, couldn’t be better and she enjoys her job working with children. Suddenly within weeks, everything changed and Leisa’s well ordered life spirals downwards out of control. Leisa has always known she was adopted, but never asked for any details. Then she discovers a web of secrets and lies her parents have kept from her for years. Now Leisa begins to question her whole beginning and existence. Unfortunately at almost the same time, her relationship with Nan goes on the rocks. Nan has kept a deep dark secret from Leisa the whole of their time together. Leisa has totally lost her trust for Nan and her faith in their relationship. Will she ever be able to forgive Nan? Everything Leisa held dear and believed in has come tumbling down around her and is being swept away. In her haste for some normality in her life, Leisa lets the wrong people in. Leisa is lost and floundering in the stormy waters of her once calm and well ordered life. Who can Leisa reach out to? Who can Leisa hold on to as she is tossed around in the muddied waters of the storm? Another superbly well written, turbulent, blockbuster of a story from the very talented master storyteller, Caren J Werlinger. This is a story of strife and new beginnings. A story with real, true to life characters that will stay with me for a long time. This isn’t an emotionally easy read, but has some nice light hearted humor to lighten the darkness. This story fits in so well with the title. How life can be on an even keel, ticking along nicely, then something like a virtual monsoon comes along to devastate it. One thing piles on top of another, destruction and upheaval reign supreme, then the waters go down and life begins to once again get back on track. Not without more stormy waters along the way though. Once the monsoon is over, life can begin again, although not as it once was. Life changes, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. This story of Leisa and Nan’s lives got under my skin. I was gripped from the very first page and I couldn’t get through it quick enough to find out if their relationship survived against all the odds. These two well developed, multifaceted characters were backed up by a wealth of equally wonderful characters. Some good, some bad, but all playing an important part in the story. Caren J Werlinger never writes two books with any similarities in the stories, just consistently good writing. So, when picking up one of her books, I know I’m in for a refreshingly different read each time with a good story where romance doesn’t over shadow the plot. Another book for my re-read folder.
  • She Sings of Old, Unhappy, Far-off Things on June 02, 2014

    Margaret Braithwaite was an up and coming Regency scholar, as well as a published author. All that changed for her when she married Gavin, a college professor almost thirty years her senior. After her marriage, Margaret’s talents were overshadowed by her famous husband until over the years, they were virtually non existent. As the years go past, Margaret becomes a shadow of her former self, just floating along in Gavin’s wake. Asheville landscape architect, Wyck Fitzsimmons, is hired by Gavin to restore his neglected gardens to their once pristine condition. Wyck is more at home with plants and animals than with people. They are much safer than women anyway. Gavin’s gardens are once again blooming due to Wyck’s expertise. The gardens aren’t the only thing to be blooming, Margaret is feeling the bloom of love for the first time in over thirty years. The feelings scare her more than being alone forever after Gavin’s impending death. Gavin can see the attraction and love between his wife and Wyck sparking. With this knowledge, he takes steps to ensure that Margaret will remain forever tied to him and the university where they both work after his death. Faced with the choice of love or destitution, Margaret runs away to England to immerse herself in Jane Austen and Wordsworth country, two of her all time favorite writers and to distance herself from her inner turmoil. She has to forget all about love and Wyck. Even though Gavin is dead, she’s still his wife, isn’t she? Wyck is alone in North Carolina. She has her own demons from the past to overcome. They say lightening never strikes twice in the same place. But it has for her and she’s devastated. How could she have let this happen? Will Margaret and Wyck look to the love growing within their hearts and find the courage to overcome all odds to be together? Or will a dying, bitter old man and his awful legacy after his death, forever tear them apart? Another masterpiece from Master Storyteller Caren J Werlinger. Each of her books is so vastly different from the last. I never know what to expect. But the one thing I’ve come to expect and have never been disappointed in is, her writing is consistently good, her stories diverse and they are page turners from start to finish. There are some authors I’d buy without reading any synopsis or knowing anything about the story. This is one such author. An author I trust will entertain me with a book I can’t put down. This story is emotionally charged and a page turner from the outset. The fact that the fully developed, multi-faceted main characters are so vastly different on the outside, yet on the inside, not so different, adds fuel to the slow burn throughout, until it’s final combustion at the end. The story is full of twists and turns all the way through. There is angst and tears followed by laughter and mirth. It’s not all doom and gloom. The path the reader is taken on is one I eagerly followed and was very sorry to see end. Added in to the turmoil of love, are the feelings Margaret suffers of inadequacy due to the eighteen year age difference between her and Wyck. But, does age matter when you meet your soul mate? After all, it’s only a number. I’m not going to add in any spoilers, but suffice it to say, that this is a story that will stay with me for a long time. There are people like Margaret and Wyck. People who try so hard to please others that it is at the expense of their own happiness. People who are simply too nice for their own self preservation.This story takes us on the long winding journey down the path to real love and to accept that it is deserved. Will Margaret choose to leave her comfort zone and give up everything to be with Wyck? Will Wyck even want Margaret after everything that’s happened? Read this book and find out. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Coming Home on Dec. 18, 2014

    It’s been a while since I’ve paid $10 for an indie book, but I’ve enjoyed stories by this author before, although I’ve found the editing left a lot to be desired in the past. But, author’s improve with time, right? Wrong! The editing in this book is atrocious. Full of typos and grammatical errors from the prologue onwards. There are also holes in the storyline and assumptions made with very little foundation. I won’t say more than that as I’ve no wish to add in spoilers. This book is way, way over priced for the 152 pages and the amount of errors. I’ll stick to paying $10 in future from a reputable publisher.