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I'm married with two grown sons, living in Indiana. I wrote one little book of essays and currently am reviewing books for Waterbrook Press and when I can do some freelance writing. I would love to write more books but sometimes the time is limited. I love music, art, making cards, writing, writing, reading. Making friends.

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  • Faerie Wishes on June 25, 2012
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    An interesting fantasy about wishing for something you think you want and finding out that what you are yearning for isn't that fulfulling after all. The main character, Talia, is a faerie who seems a little bored with her own life in the faerie realm, especially when she sees a handsome Cayden, who happens to be human. The two eventually fall in love and for a short while Talia is granted a wish to transform into a human being but once she becomes one things get a little rocky. After becoming ill from eating, she realizes her true love with another faerie, Deaghan who has come back for her, in spite of an absence, and brings her back to be healed. Her friend, Juniper helps Cayden get over his loss by introducing him to someone new, a young lady named Haleigh at a grocery story who has a small child. Both Talia and Cayden seem to be on the mend and realize that whatever hurt and pain they may carry in thier hearts, that love and friendship can help make life better. Both are free to be happy again and enjoy thier worlds.
  • Love Me Sane on July 21, 2013

    What is Sanity? After Stacey is raped during her college years, she struggles most of her adult life trying to determine just that. She uses alcohol and drug abuse to mask the pain and shame she has felt, sex with men she really doesn't love, only to find that the lifestyle doesn't bring closure and healing. It's through the love of family, her husband Rod and daughter Kristen, and some counseling, that Stacey discovers that she must own up to the choices she has made but doesn't have to blame herself for being raped. She is still worthy. loveable, intelligent and deserving of a second chance.