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Loving, trusting and obeying Jesus from an early age was most important all through Magdel's life. It gave her the strength to overcome adversities and struggles that would otherwise have drowned her. During her childhood the family relocated many times and she attended seven schools in twelve years. This deprived her of the opportunity to establish long term friendships and any kind of support system. Jesus was her only true friend, her only support and source of encouragement.
At age ten Magdel borrowed her first library book. From that day onward, she wanted to be a writer. Not knowing if she'd ever write good enough to publish, the "proof" came in an unlikely manner. Her eleventh grade Afrikaans teacher accused her of copying an article of a renowned South African writer, after reading Magdel's essay on drug abuse, a hot topic in those days and something she already had knowledge of. In a previous school, Magdel was encouraged to write her best. In this new school, she was supposed to write the way everyone else did. Getting fed up with mediocrity, she stepped out with this assignment and wrote from her heart. The teacher was shocked. Not being a fighter, she half-heartedly tried to convince him of his misjudgement. He was only halfway convinced, but she was at that point totally convinced she could write well and that someday her name would appear in print on the books she was going to write.
Life interfered and her desire to write was put on hold until the chicks have fled the nest. She wrote a number of short stories and later worked them into a novel. The book was published by a one-man publisher. When he died, the book died. About two years later, Magdel finished her first book in English and decided to search for an international publisher. After many hours spent with Google and on social media, the wonder happened. Taking part in a thread about publishers on a LinkedIn group, she had her say on how hard it is to get a trustworthy publisher. Among several comments on her contribution, someone said: "Send me your book. I'll publish it". Not knowing what to think, she decided eventually to give it a try. Magdel never looked back. Her book was published, followed by two novellas and another, co-authored by her husband. Evan Swensen of Publication Consultants proved to be the man of integrity she was hoping to find.

Just like Magdel, some of the characters in her books are devoted and dependent on Jesus; their lives directed by His guidance. In Deathly Innocent, Floyd Davies got his faith tested when the future of the woman he loved was threatened. Would he step in and save her, or save his own skin?

Man in a Picture is a cosy, easy-read with many teary moments and some giggles in between. As Magdel's experience of finding a publisher proved the value of social media, this family was connected with people they did not know existed, through the clever use of this platform. However, it was Polly the parrot who saved the day. If he did not need clean newspaper to line the bottom of his cage every day, the final riddle might never have been solved and lives would have ended empty.

Two girls and one man sounds like a romance. Not so. The Bigger Fish is a story about two girls from abused backgrounds who found a man who played a part in the transformation of their lives. One girl jumped at the opportunity to be redeemed, saved and transformed, the other one had to live through the agony following a tragedy before she could shed her sceptic attitude.

In Magdel's first English book, My Father's Will, Francine Hammond's name was omitted from her father's last will and testament. No one could guess the burden she was left with since before his demise. Her siblings treated her with disrespect and had no sympathy while they revelled in their future life of wealth and pleasure. How could it be expected of her to keep quiet and keep her promises as she watched them over many years, wasting their father's hard earned money? Stephan Howard Hammond was a self-made multi-millionaire. He knew his children were not equipped to handle great wealth, yet, he left them each a fortune in cash. Wisely, he had made provision that none of them would be allowed to get near his company and ruin what he had built.
The Hammond off-spring lived their respective dreams, bragging about their acquisitions, experiences and losses. Their life styles brought along unforeseen perils which would cause regret in later years. Francine stayed at the side-lines, going about her business and keeping her eyes on the only source of strength she knew. Her faith in her Father in Heaven was what carried her through. Would that be enough to sustain her to the end when her siblings hit the bottom? Would she be able to forgive and do what both her earthly father and her Heavenly Father expected of her?
Many secrets were revealed, many shocks absorbed, cushioned by the comforts of bank accounts; was there space for one more? Francine had to take the chance because, choosing to follow her Father's will, there was nothing else she could or should do while her siblings had finally run out of options.

The next book is still a work in progress. There is a little shift in genre although it is still based on Magdel's faith and what is in her heart about Bible prophecies. This book specifically handles the prophecies found in Daniel 7, which is repeated in Revelation 13. The world has many kings, each ruling over his own little kingdom. Though alliances and treaties are made, these rulers are sovereign and do whatever pleases them. Or not. Who really rules the world? Who controls the rulers of the world? Is there an organisation, a sinister force behind all decisions the rulers make? Perhaps not. Perhaps paranoia about conspiracies make people believe so.
Magdel says: "Weather I'm paranoid or not, conspiracy theories have always intrigued me. Much of my research for my own conspiracy story, I found in Scripture. As a believer in Yeshua I have always taken Bible prophecy serious. There are countless parallels between prophecy and history, ancient as well as contemporary." There are a few possibilities for the title of the book, but a decision will be made closer to the perfection of the final draft.

Magdel considers it a great honour to be part of the Author Masterminds group and a member of the Readers and Writers Book Club. All her books are available on Amazon.

A few reviews of Magdel's books:
A review by Ica Iova:
Stephan Howard Hammond worked hard to build his multi-million Rand Company, and though he loved his children, he was certain that once he’s gone they will misuse their inheritance. So he found a trusted person to take over the company before his death and ensure his children’s future. His decision, however, changed them all in different ways.

Easy money means nothing when someone is irresponsible. You watch people inherit large sums of money, or win the lottery, only to be broke soon after. The way people handle easy money can be very different. Some spend it wisely, others go wild believing there is no end to it; some learn from their own mistakes, others don’t. This so often happens in real life and the author conveyed it very well in My Father’s Will.
This book is a cautionary tale to those who came, or are about come in contact with easy money.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Elsabe de Beer: ****
Baie dankie vir jou boek, ek het dit vreeslik geniet, so 'n diep en lewensverrykende boek
" 'n Diep, innige boek wat baie lewensverrykend is. 'n Moet lees vir enige boekliefhebber!

Review by Jana Pretorius: My Father's will was excellent. The characters stay with one long after reading it. Can not wait for the next one.

Grant Fry
5.0 out of 5 starsA Departure From My Normal Books
November 10, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Ms Roets, being from S Africa, writes a gritty and unique look at growing up in a world of "coming out" for two young women. These young women and their potential catch grow together then apart and finally together. This seems to be much as real life forces their reaction to intrigue and resolution. There seems to be somewhat of a translation adjustment possibly from Afrikaans as verb tenses are a bit different from English. The story line is compelling, however. It is a bit different from my usual reading genres, but Ms Roets keeps the story interesting. It is worth reading and will, no doubt, have me look at her other books. I liked it.

I am both a reader and a writer and understand why fiction is popular. Everyone loves fiction. That is why I write fiction. But my stories are more than just stories to be read and forgotten.

*How do you feel while reading a great book? Uplifted? Encouraged?
*Do you often feel overwhelmed?
*Are spouse, children, career, all demanding their share of you?
*Are you sometimes struggling with ethical and moral standards in this confused world we live in?
*Do you need reassurance that you're still on the right path?
*Do you see solutions to problems while reading how a book’s character deals with a situation?
*When you read, do you feel relaxed and see life in a proper perspective?
*Is some deep thought process triggered by an idea or truth?

Fiction and truth are not as disconnected as we may think. Great truth can be illustrated through fiction. Jesus started it all. He told stories to convey a truth. So do I. Jesus told parables, often instead of preaching. So do I. My books show a new perspective on life's troubles and resolve the questions above - treasures hidden between the covers! Solutions that can never be taken away from you.

All that while the characters become your friends with whom you can identify in their troubles and joys and whom you miss once you have finished the book. And who knows; you might very well reunite with some of those friends in my next book.

As a dedicated, committed follower of Jesus Christ, this is the image I want people, readers and fellow writers to have of me. For this reason also, my aim is to entertain in a clean and wholesome way. If one reader get something out of one of my books, something positive that he/she can take home and keep for the rest of his/her life, I will have reached my goal and my writing efforts will count for something.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes. I was about twelve years old. The story was about a ballerina.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Yes. I was fascinated by the pure pleasure of reading about things I might never experience in real life. My imagination was triggered and the desire to create my own stories was born.
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7 Tips to Help you Keep your Mind from Aging.
Price: Free! Words: 1,040. Language: American English. Published: September 23, 2015 by Sophia Roets. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Healthy aging
(5.00 from 1 review)
General health tips and a number of exercises to keep the mind healthy, focused and alert, are what this booklet is about. Don't forget the fun part. Having fun while exercising the mind is essential.
Die Laaste Areafees
Series: Kerk Een-en-Twintig. Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 93,890. Language: Afrikaans. Published: December 22, 2014 by Sophia Roets. Categories: Fiction » Christian » Contemporary
(4.00 from 1 review)
Die verhaal gaan oor die korruptering van 'n kerk deur onheilige invloede wat ingesypel het soos dit in die Bybel voorspel is. Die hoofpastoor, Jaco Makkink gebruik die laaste areafees wat in die kerk gehou sou word om sy suiweringsplan uit te voer. Na hierdie boek volg nog sewe boeke oor die onderwerp. die intriges word intenser, die avontuur gevaarliker en die getroue oorblyfsel word getrouer.


Kerk Een-en-Twintig
This series will consist of eight fiction stories about the institutional church in the twenty-first century. The Bible predicts that bad influences will sneak in and satisfy their greed at the expense of the church. The first book in the series is: "Kerk Gerysmier". The second title, "Nog 'n Areafees" will be published soon after the first later this year. The English translation of Book One: "Termited Church" will be ready for publication soon. The plot deepens in every book, the danger gets worse and the faithful becomes tested. Some fall away, some become more faithful. Most of the characters of Book One appear somewhere along the line in the follow-ups to become like trusted friends or hated enemies.

Die Laaste Areafees

Price: $4.99 USD.

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