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I am both a reader and a writer and understand why fiction is popular. Everyone loves fiction. That is why I write fiction. But my stories are more than just stories to be read and forgotten.

*How do you feel while reading a great book? Uplifted? Encouraged?
*Do you often feel overwhelmed?
*Are spouse, children, career, all demanding their share of you?
*Are you sometimes struggling with ethical and moral standards in this confused world we live in?
*Do you need reassurance that you're still on the right path?
*Do you see solutions to problems while reading how a book’s character deals with a situation?
*When you read, do you feel relaxed and see life in a proper perspective?
*Is some deep thought process triggered by an idea or truth?

Fiction and truth are not as disconnected as we may think. Great truth can be illustrated through fiction. Jesus started it all. He told stories to convey a truth. So do I. Jesus told parables, often instead of preaching. So do I. My books show a new perspective on life's troubles and resolve the questions above - treasures hidden between the covers! Solutions that can never be taken away from you.

All that while the characters become your friends with whom you can identify in their troubles and joys and whom you miss once you have finished the book. And who knows; you might very well reunite with some of those friends in my next book.

As a dedicated, committed follower of Jesus Christ, this is the image I want people, readers and fellow writers to have of me. For this reason also, my aim is to entertain in a clean and wholesome way. If one reader get something out of one of my books, something positive that he/she can take home and keep for the rest of his/her life, I will have reached my goal and my writing efforts will count for something.

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Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes. I was about twelve years old. The story was about a ballerina.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Yes. I was fascinated by the pure pleasure of reading about things I might never experience in real life. My imagination was triggered and the desire to create my own stories was born.
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7 Tips to Help you Keep your Mind from Aging.
Price: Free! Words: 1,040. Language: American English. Published: September 23, 2015 by Sophia Roets. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Healthy aging
General health tips and a number of exercises to keep the mind healthy, focused and alert, are what this booklet is about. Don't forget the fun part. Having fun while exercising the mind is essential.
Die Laaste Areafees
Series: Kerk Een-en-Twintig. Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 93,890. Language: Afrikaans. Published: December 22, 2014 by Sophia Roets. Categories: Fiction » Christian » Contemporary
Die verhaal gaan oor die korruptering van 'n kerk deur onheilige invloede wat ingesypel het soos dit in die Bybel voorspel is. Die hoofpastoor, Jaco Makkink gebruik die laaste areafees wat in die kerk gehou sou word om sy suiweringsplan uit te voer. Na hierdie boek volg nog sewe boeke oor die onderwerp. die intriges word intenser, die avontuur gevaarliker en die getroue oorblyfsel word getrouer.

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  • Smashwords Style Guide on Dec. 30, 2014

    Even after completing my first book, I was ignorant at anything more than writing a book on a computer. Through a friend, Cathy Conradie, I got to know about Smashwords. That changed everything for me. I followed the Style Guide carefully, very nervously and the results were amazing. Very quickly I published my first book earlier this year. A second book followed a little easier. Without Smashwords Style Guide I'd still be wishing. Thank you, Mark Coker, for creating this platform from a perspective of someone as uninformed as I was. I have learned so much. Now for studying the Marketing Guide
  • Refined By His Fire on Jan. 07, 2015

    This is a very readable story about family, friendship and faith. Cathy plotted the story carefully, demonstrating how faithfulness through hardship takes us to the next level of maturity. Both Adrian and Barry endured enormous challenges and prevailed. Their characters changes from scared, confused boyhood to brave men, always ready to face whatever came their way and never back down. Cathy, we are looking forward to the next excellent fruit from your pen, (or rather, your computer).
  • Tranquility, At Last on June 03, 2015

    This is a very interesting thought: what if they didn't. It triggers the imagination. What were in his thoughts. Did he, at some point change his mind about the pill? How long did he last if not? How did the end play out for him? And the guys at NASA? What were in their thoughts? How did they sleep? Well plotted, well constructed, no unnecessary detail. If all Ray Daley's books are like this, I'd like to read more.
  • Nobody's Cat (An Ode to a Stray Cat) on June 03, 2015

    This is a heartbreaking story, but so true. How often do we experience the very same thing, unable to do anything about it. This poem speaks for many of us who care, but are not in a position to help.
  • The Blood Of Jesus on July 05, 2015

    I hardly feel myself qualified to write a review on this book, but in all humility I will give my opinion. From the first paragraph to the last I have been touched by the direct honesty and clarity with which the subject of the Blood of Jesus and it's meaning to us, is handled. I thought I knew all about it, but this writer has in this book, revealed things I have never considered or realized, like the names of the gates to the Temple and the meaning of the items that was placed in the Ark of the Covenant. Some other aspects I have been wondering about, have been cleared in my mind. Aspects that I knew about, but have never been sure how it is applied. This book is nothing but excellent. I will most certainly watch out to purchase other books by this author.
  • Cross Roads on Nov. 02, 2015

    I found this book to be simple, straightforward and to the point. No falling off the topic or distracting details. Sing says it as it is: Jesus Christ is the way to the Kingdom of God. Without Him, no going anywhere good. Best is, Sing backs up all he says with solid scripture, leaving no room for doubt.
  • The Sacrifice on Dec. 22, 2015

    First of all, I have to mention that I have read the original, Afrikaans version. And I liked it a lot. I give it at least a four star rating. It is a gripping story of two young men who overcome enmity towards each other through forgiveness and compassion. The technical part of the English version could have been better, but it does not change the fact that it is a very good story, good plot with strong character development. The fact that the author used real life situations makes it all the more believable. Like the incident with the "likkewaan", I remember learning about it in a TV news clip some time previously. The author shows a special kind of humor that she applies effectively to break the tension wherever needed. I sincerely hope there will be more books by Cathy Conradie to follow. Looking forward to reading whatever might be on its way.
  • A Fortnight From God (A Dialogue with Dom) on Oct. 08, 2016

    A realistic account of modern day argument against Biblical teachings. Peter is a character that could very well be real and living next door while Dom's insistence to give insight to the unbelieving Peter, inspires any follower of Christ to persevere in their work to spread the Gospel. This work is well researched and proofs undeniably many of the truths in the Bible, that are often belittled as myths. An interesting insight and easy to read.
  • The Computer That Cared on Oct. 08, 2016

    Although technologically outdated, the fantasy remains. A story that puts a smile on your face and a memory that lingers.