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Lewis Clementson is a graduate of the University of Virginia, the George Mason University School of Law and the Church of God’s schools for Exhorter Certificate, Ministerial Internship Program and Licensed Minister. He is now a Licensed Minister with the International Convention of Faith Ministers, Inc.

From 1996 to 1998, he was the full time Director of the Church of God’s “Mission America” program in Richmond,VA, which is an inner-city evangelistic outreach.

He has visited thirteen European countries.

In 2007, he had a dream. In this dream, he saw himself standing next to Jesus on the bridge of a warship heading for the southern coast of France. In a serious tone, Jesus said to him, “Together we will tear down the strongholds.”

In 2009, he closed down his law practice where he had practiced law for 30 years, his wife quit her job as a dental hygienist, they sold their home during a severely depressed market, and they moved to France. Neither of them spoke French, their visas did not permit them to work, and their limited resources caused everyone around them to question their sanity. Then, on top of that, God told them to go to a remote French village where no one spoke English. This was not the normal way that Christian missionaries take to the field.

But God had a plan.

God wanted them in His own personal private school and their isolation and desperate conditions made for eager and willing students. Immediately upon arrival, God’s school was in session, and He started saturating them in Himself. They devoted all day, every day to worship, prayer and reading the Bible and books. Each day was an exciting adventure as God taught them about faith, spiritual warfare, the church as God wants it, ministers as God wants them, and the whole time, they were being gradually introduced to an orderly progression of steps that led them higher and higher and deeper and deeper into God.

After many months in God’s school, they were taken to heaven. Each in turn, with Jesus at his or her side, they engaged the satanic strongholds over Southern France in combat and tore them down.

They took many more trips to heaven, saw Jesus and spoke at length with Him and with some saints. They received a deep and profound revelation of Jesus’ complete and glorious redemptive work and gained a heavenly perspective on the Christian life.

After about two years had passed, Lewis was taken by Jesus into the presence of God the Father. Their relationship deepened with each visit. Then one day, God told Lewis, “Teach others how to do this.” Lewis understood immediately that God wanted others to enter into His presence just as he had, and that he could show them how to do it. He also understood that others could do it without all the trouble and expense that he and his wife had been through to discover it.

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Heaven Can't Wait
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How to ascend to heaven and enter the Father's presence as a son.

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