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  • Unicorn Junkie on Dec. 09, 2009

    Beautiful, compelling, and at times frightening. Barnsley captures what some may call the underbelly of society in a light that has ceased to exist since the Beats did it in the 50s. His ability to both warm the heart of the reader and shock them into disgust is what makes him so brilliant. His work will leave you wanting more and will affect you in ways you never thought possible from poetry. You won't regret the read!
  • The Play My Mother Hates on Dec. 09, 2009

    This play is the future of play writing and theatre. If you thought to yourself, "but I hate theatre". Think again, think M.R. Barnsley. "The Play My Mother Hates" will literally have you rolling in laughter. It's wit and spunk will win you over instantly and keep you captivated till the end. If you like farce, satire, or just plain old laughing your butt off you'll love this play.