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  • Project ELE on Sep. 07, 2012

    I don't think any author can hardly write a dystopian story at the moment without references to other stories (like the well known Hunger Games). So it is truly magical when a dystopian novel can own up to the similarities of the genre and still set itself apart with its own unique qualities! I came across this book at it's launch, as somewhat of a "win" for my participation in its debut. It is important to note that while I did not "pay" for my copy of this book, that neither was I "paid" for my review. I simply loved this dystopian story. I believe it delivered everything that one might have expected and more. The teen main characters, as well as the varied supporting players, were believable, while the foreseen future or "world" was an interesting "what if" to the issue of global warming. I think the paranormal twist of the storyline was subtle enough and paced just so that nothing was given away too soon, as well as the inevitable teen romance was not the entire plot. And since there are more books to come...there was indeed the suspense of a cliff hanger that left this reader in one of those "wow, I must know what happens next" moments! There were some minor typo-type things that I did quickly mention to the authors, so that they can be corrected for their future readers. However all-in-all the story was so riveting and the pace so ideal that these minor errors were easily overlooked in seeking out the bones of the story. Okay, so I don't think I gave away any real spoilers and I sufficiently raved about the story that I experienced. I will quickly admit that I am the mother of 3 teens and in so I am a reader in my early 40s. I think that my own age being outside of the targeted demographic gives me, let's say, a special perspective. I recommend books that I think many other parents wouldn't mind their kids reading and I give this story 5 stars for its "must read" status in my books!! Enjoy!!