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Lee Gostelow was born in Wakefield, England in 1990 to a fairly average family.

His path toward a career in literature began at the age of ten when after writing a short story for his school class he quickly became hooked on creative writing. In 2002 he began writing (and re-writing) his first book. His enthusiasm continued to grow as he excelled in English Literature at school and progressed on to college. It wasn't until it came to publishing his work that he found himself being pushed back.

Struggling for years to follow traditional publishing methods, his age proving his largest obstacle, he slowly began to become disenchanted until stumbling across the free KDP service in July 2012.

In late August 2012 he published his first book entitled 'Tales of Her: The Awakening Part 1" and is currently working on a follow up title which he aims to release in February 2013. Elated by his luck he can only wait to see what the future has in store.

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