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I am a Canadian author living on Vancouver Island on the West Coast. I love reading mysteries, Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes are some of my favourites. I grew up reading the Nancy Drew Mysteries series and always dreamed of writing my own mystery stories someday.

My first book, The Sentinels, is based on true events that happened in my childhood. It is a little bit of truth mixed with fiction and fantasy. It was written for the Young Adult audience, but I believe adults will also enjoy it.

I've also written the first two books in my Elemental Series: Elemental was published in August 2022 and Down Comes the Dark was published in August 2023. The 3rd and final book in this series will be published by the end of Summer 2024.

Reviews for my books can be found on Amazon, Goodreads, and Kobo. Other reviews from book bloggers can be found on my website:

Here is an Editorial Review I received from Readers' Favorite for Down Comes the Dark on September 28, 2023:

Reviewed by Frank Mutuma for Readers’ Favorite

Dev and Raya are from Solaran Prime, a distant planet from Earth. Right now, Raya is on Earth with new friends she has made who are like family to her. Did Dev make the right decision to leave her on Earth, and how will her two-year wait turn out? Meanwhile, she decides to study for her doctorate, and she is also scanning for signals from her home planet. Dev had thought of turning the Dauntless around before entering cryosleep to go back for his girlfriend, but he didn't. Back in Solara, he has to answer for stealing a ship to go after Raya. Will he be punished for it? In Solara, things are getting out of hand with the terrorists. To find out how things turn out with Dr. Raya and the hunt for the heartless terrorists, get a copy of Down Comes the Dark: Elemental Book 2 by Liane Mahugh.

Down Comes the Dark by Liane Mahugh is a must-read! Sometimes science fiction can be tedious because of too much jargon, but not this book. I was hooked from the first chapter to the last. Despite this being the second in the series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone. The plot flows flawlessly, leaving no room for confusion for the reader. Liane also utilized suspense to great effect, which kept me on the edge of my seat. The fast-paced narration kept me intrigued and entertained. The characters are also well-developed, and the reader will appreciate the easy-to-understand language used, which makes the book accessible to all kinds of readers. I cannot wait to read something else by this talented author.

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Who are your favorite authors?
Michael Crichton, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Agatha Christie.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
My kids and my dog.
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Elemental is a series of books about a young girl who travels to Earth from a distant planet. Her unique abilities to control the elements could make her a powerful ally, or an enemy.
Down Comes the Dark, Elemental Book 2 - A Ya Sci-Fi Adventure
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Down Comes the Dark, Elemental Book 2 - A Ya Sci-Fi Adventure
Series: Elemental. Price: $2.99 $2.24 USD. (25% off until July 31!) Words: 71,400. Language: English. Published: August 20, 2023 . Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Science Fiction
After coming to Earth and facing many dangers along the way, the young Elemental, Raya, has chosen to stay with her new friends, while her boyfriend Dev returns to their home planet. But all is not well with Dev and their home planet of Solara Prime. The planet is poised to explode into war. When her people finally arrive, it is not to return Raya to the peaceful life she once knew.
Write Craft: Writing Effectively for Fiction and Non-Fiction
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